Everything You Need For A Green Christmas

The stores are beginning to light up in red and green (some of them kick started the festivities way back in September), there’s talk of scrumptious food and the kids have a long list for Santa- Christmas is almost here! Nothing screams Christmas like shopping- endless hours of hunting for perfect presents for your loved ones and not forgetting to treat yourself to some goodies as well- ’tis the season to be jolly after all! But there’s more to Christmas than splurging on Christmassy stuff than you may just end up getting rid of once the holidays are over....more

Being Green is just Another Word for Being Responsible

Here's My Take on Being Green ...more

Zoos and Aquariums Commiting to Conservation

For some of us, the word "conservation" conjures images of people chained to trees, for others, cuddly baby animals, and maybe some of us think of that crying Native American guy. This week I attended a conference in Seattle held by an organization called Zoos and Aquariums Committing to Conservation, so I had some time to think about what conservation really means to me. ...more

MzLimitless Chooses to Eat & Live Green in 2011 and Beyond

Mz. Limitless has been away from BlogHer for some time. I'm back with updates from my newest blog creation: Eat & Live Green. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner Make sure you subscribe to get all the latest updates, news, and posts from Eat & Live Green: Organic Living Simplified.Mz. Limitlesswww.eatandlivegreen.com...more

Gardening Fashionably or fashionably Gardening?

Let me start this off by talking about the biggest green thumb I know, my grandma. That woman could grow a bird of paradise in the middle of winter. She has the biggest plants and had the biggest garden I had ever seen. Growing up we would go visit her and she would have beans, pumpkins, watermellons, and all sorts of other veggies. She never really bought any produce, she grew it herself. When she grew up in Missouri, she had to learn how to be the gardner and she knows how to solve any gardening problem....more

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day: POP ON!

In what may be the silliest day of commemoration on this or any other planet, various days, mostly the 31st of January, have been declared "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day." And, because the winter has been so long and dreary already, as it mimics the chilly economy, I am ready to hurl myself headlong -- not into a snowbank, but into the whole-hearted appreciation of bubble wrap. Why the heck not? ...more

Bubble wrap - forever! ;)more

Resolutions for a Better World: A Blogshare Opportunity

Each year, as the calendar turns from December to January, greeting a new year and leaving one behind, millions of people make "New Year's Resolutions". Typically, they resolve to improve themselves or their lives in some fashion....more

More Information Than You Ever Wanted

Okay, so on the Green front, we're actually doing reasonably well.  We've eliminated plastic grocery bags, dryer sheets, single-serve packaged foods, pancake mix, freezer waffles, pull-ups, liquid stain-remover, and disposable menstrual products from our grocery list.  And I've stopped using bags in the dayhome trash can that needs to be sanitized daily, anyway. Not too shabby....more

On Food

Oh, how I love to eat. I love popcorn with lots of margarine and salt on it. I love pizza, fast-food burgers, fresh cherries, dried cherries, ice cream, fried potatoes, and chocolate in all of its glorious forms. I love steak - medium well - with garlic mashed potatoes and any assortment of vegetables as long as they are swimming in butter. I love cookies. Bags of them. My heart sings when Girl Scout cookies start circulating, and pity my poor husband if he doesn't have any cash when they arrive.Food is good....more

Into the Green

We had a busy week last week!The whole crew was back and got right into Amazing Airplane week.  My sister came to help me out for a few days, which was awesome.  The kids loved her, and it made the set up and tear down for messy projects loads easier.I hope she has no plans for the week or so before Christmas.  (hint, hint)...more