Feeling like royalty with my umbrella

THE other day a friend of mine, Zona “Onic” Gamones, commented over at my Facebook page that I am “sosyal (classy)”since I don’t use “payong (Tagalog word for umbrella) anymore.”...more

What do people see?

What do people see when they see me walking with (specifically) Rachel and Simon?  Do they see a mom with 2 kids?  If we are having an "A-moment", do they think how could I allow my children to become such spoiled brats?  Or do they actually see the autism?  Can someone who has never seen me or my children before recognize the struggle that I must mentally prepare for every time we leave the house?  I always feel I have to explain myself or their behavior away, even when things aren't so bad.  I feel I have to prepare everyone for the imminent breakdown that is...more