My Review of... Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 11

My review of:I had to give up on My Sunshine/Shining Girl.  The pressure to do a good job with the post was just too great.  I couldn't handle it. Some might say I buckled at the sight of the challenge set before me.  Instead, please enjoy my review of Cheongdam-dong Alice.  It's a very promising show.  I am rooting for them and hope the drama gods dont fail me with their usual predictable outcome....more

Should women marry for financial security?

So gold Gold diggers may not end up “happily ever after…” or so it seems like based on the opinion I recently posted here about women who marry for financial security. About 80% of 17,000 people agreed with it within a period of 24 hrs, and yet another 1800 comments made by various people had something to support the opinion. ...more