The Golden Hour

Last night was one of those gorgeous nights.  The kind that makes me want to go off into the middle of the woods somewhere and just wander.Or at least, to the trail by my parents' house that I spent so much of my time at in high-school. After the storm ended - the rain stopped falling and the thunder quieted to a distant rumble - the air surrounding my little town turned almost golden, and there was a softness that I've been looking for all week. ...more

When is Your Most Productive Time to Write?

More Awesomer has a wonderful post that contains four great writing tips, beginning with the idea of finding your "golden hour," that time of the day when you are the most productive when it comes to writing.  The other tips are all things that can be done at any point in the day that have a great effect on the quality of your writing.  All in all, a very valuable post. ...more
I've been a newspaper columnist and features writer for 30 years. Starting when my son was in ...more