Blowing Bubbles: An Intensely Personal Review

An intensely personal review of the article The Great American Bubble Machine by Matt Taibbi. It is not recommended bedtime reading. ...more

Tribes, gangsters and the banksters.

Thieves and robber barons continue to take their piece....more

"Confessions of a big footed girl" by Molly Jong-Fast

“I have size 11 feet. Yeah, it sucks, because I see all these super cute shoes in the stores - Guccis, YSLs, Manolos. And when they bring them out in my size, they look like clown shoes." –Paris Hilton   Confessions of a big footed girlby Molly Jong-Fast...more

I'm 5'3" on a good day, cursedly skinny as a rail and a size nine at best. I remember a friend ...more

What's With The Goldman Sachs Sex Discrimination Case?

Okay, I admit it: All I know is what I read in the papers. And I never worked on Wall Street, just in BigLaw.But what's with the latest Wall Street sex discrimination lawsuit?...more

America's Embrace of Fascism

There’s a lot of the world socialism being thrown around these days. However, the US couldn’t be farther away from socialism. That’s because it’s actually fascist....more

Could Women Have Avoided The Financial Crisis?

I've got to admit, this post has been a long time coming, and not just because I've been dying to weigh in on the Goldman Sachs story, on financial services reform, and the ongoing economic realities of living through and in the Great Recession.  But this post has been a long time coming because, like many of the earlier Hegemommy posts, it represents a delicate balance of personal and political and has taken a while to hash out to make sure it became something more than mere projection. ...more

Reactions to the Goldman Sachs Fraud Charges

By now you've heard that the SEC charged Goldman Sachs with fraud, specifically "defrauding investors by misstating and omitting key facts about a financial product tied to subprime mortgages as the U.S. housing market was beginning to falter." ...more

It's interesting how we have this strong belief in the trickle-down-effect--that saving the ...more

America’s leaders are fundamentally hypocritical

Looking at the cover of today’s online Huffington Post, one could wonder just how ‘asleep’ Americans really are.  Is there no one in charge who can connect the dots and shout from the rooftops how unfair our systems are towards working American Taxpayers?  The oligarchy continues to siphon off huge profits from the top, walk away from debts they don’t wish to pay and pay themselves billions in bonuses for their hubris....more

Political Girl Crushes

There's been more than a little tongue-in-cheek conjecture that if the "boys" had listened to the "girls" or if "girls" had been in charge, our financial structures wouldn't be in meltdown mode today and our economy wouldn't be in the tank. ...more

Elizabeth Warren has been on my radar for years and I am thrilled that she has any kind of role ...more