Where do I Not Want To Visit?


Yumlicious Adventures

We enjoyed some awesome bruschetta recently at Pannullo's. Light but with a full bite of flavor= what more could we ask for, people? ...more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 43 – Good Food

I am thankful for good foodWe have so much abundance in this part of the World and I am thankful I get to enjoy it!Warmest regards, http://www.PardonMyPoppet.com/PipSqueaksPardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!...more

Healthy Eating

For me there is nothing better than unpacking my farm fresh veggies from SPUD. I try to buy at my local farmer's market as often as possible and love the Pemberton Farmer's market every Wednesday night seasonally. Between Across the Creek organic farm (The Millers), The Hellmer's and Riverlands I have tasted some of the best local produce ever ! Tonight we had delicious farm fresh corn, non-GMO of course, and organic. I heard an interesting interview on Shaw cable tv with Krause Berry Farms, who recently hosted the Feast of Fields event. They said that most local farm corn is not GMO corn....more

Gastronomical Adventures: Favorite Eats Part 1

Definition of a Foodie...more

Soya/Dill weeds with Potatoes - Soya Bhaji ~ Indian Cuisine

It been after a long, I have come up with the recipe, though this recipe will not take a long to cook. ~ This is definitely the one of the quickest, easiest, and delicious with few ingredients of recipe to fulfill your appetite and heart with its sweet aroma and flavor....more

Duathlon Day in Hamilton

http://www.applecrumbles.com The day began with 1/2 a banana and peanut butter to energize our walk around Valley View Golf Course. ...more

Healthy Lime Ponzu PIzza

http://www.applecrumbles.com Another super product to sample from Foodbuzz.  Kikkoman Ponzu Lime Seasoning.  ...more

A Trip to Hunter Mountain

http://www.applecrumbles.com Hunter Mountain Arrival: No Snowboard yet.  The desk at the Kaatskill Mountain Club Resort...more

CookBook Review: Dollars To Donuts

http://www.applecrumbles.com “Comfort Food & Kitchen Wisdom From Route 66’s Landmark Rock Cafe”.  This is a book that has hit the shelves at such a perfect time.  We are all watching our wallets.  We all want to make good food –FAST.  We want to keep our old recipes but spice them up a bit.  This book offers all that.  NOTE:  It is not a Vegetarian cookbook, however does offer some meatless options. ...more