4 Ways To Bring Smile To Your Good Friends This Christmas

Christmas is one time of the year where everyone is joyous and in high spirits. While the weather is cold, hearts usually stay warm when everyone’s hero, Santa, arrives. While, the holiday season is special for everyone, most of us want to put in some extra effort for our loved ones to make them smile from ear to ear and make them feel more special....more

A Different Perspective - shifting my attitude

I woke up this morning, and it was difficult to do.  I was pretty much just “not in the mood to get up.”  I concocted a bunch of reasons not to drag myself out of bed until 8:04 am….. trust me, that made getting to work at 8:25 tricky.  I made it, but barely.  I had gotten up at 7:30 to let the dog out (and that would have been plenty of time), but I found this…....more

Good Friends in Atlantic City

I had a blast this past weekend.  I joined five girlfriends in Atlantic City to celebrate Lora’s birthday.  It was so much fun in every way and, for me, speaks to the power of good friends. We’ve all been friends for 20+ years and have managed to stay together even though life has taken us in different directions.  At one time, we were all hanging out and partying in NYC; a couple have moved away.  Two are now married with children, but we were all Spinsterlicious this weekend! ...more

Cheese, Gromit!

Note to Self: Gummi Bears - even Haribo Gold Bears - are not even remotely breakfast-like food. Stop eating them...immediately. However, as I've discovered, wine on a Saturday morning totally IS breakfast food! It's just grape juice with a little panache, right? ...more

The Hardest Thing I hope I ever write- part 2 of 3

Day 2 of a temporary break in my self depricating humor and blaming the worlds woes on celebrities and gravity. Today I am going to let you in to one of the most personal issues of my life. It’s a long post and probably not funny to anyone. I don’t apologize. If you haven't read part 1, you probably should do that first. OK so remember in Part 1 where I said this entire post /  thread would probably be controversial?  We are officially entering that part. This is where I try to explain a lot in a short post, I will fail.  ...more