The never before told super secret ingredient for raising an amazing daughter

As a life coach and a psychologist I’m often asked how to raise a great daughter without using a cattle prod or boat loads of inappropriate language. Any quick Google search will tell you the answer lies in self esteem, sports, academics, friends, and family stability. Those are all extremely important and very useful in raising that fantastic daughter but they are not the super secret ingredient. The super secret ingredient (to be shared right now) is YOU, her mom. Yes, it’s true; Mom (or a mother-like figure) is the key to that fabulous daughter you are all hoping for....more

What the Show "Parenthood" Says About Working Moms

After spending several weeks focusing on the challenges of a working mom, a recent episode of the new and somewhat uneven NBC drama Parenthood delivered a complicated take on a mother who seems conflicted about having left her career to raise her children. ...more
The show (and these comments) gloss over the fact that the decision to stay at home or not is ...more

Internet Suicide

Anorexia has killed yet another, but this time the death of a young girl is documented, minute by minute, for the world to see. Kristi, the ring leader of the Live Journal Pro-Anorexia site documents her last moments of life on the post below, proving yet again the adapting pro-ana lifestyle is messing with fire ...more