Author Ann Napolitano: The Story Behind My Online Life

It is highly recommended these days, apparently, for a writer with a new novel coming out to have some kind of online “presence.” It took seven years to write A Good Hard Look, so when I finally emerged from my dark writer’s lair, this was news to me. Upon my first novel’s release, neither Twitter nor Facebook even existed. (Can you imagine?) So, I found myself facing a changed landscape, one I didn’t quite know how to navigate. ...more
I look forward to "meeting you" on twitter. :) @kisschroniclesmore

A Good Hard Look: Flannery O'Connor, Choices and Consequences

Sometimes when you read a book, you carry the weight of it around with you. It's not the physical weight of the book, but the contents. I read Ann Napolitano's A Good Hard Look in big chunks and marveled at her ability to create characters with presence and form. They have depth and weight. I carried the weight if her characters with me....more
@sassymonkey Looked through Flow but haven't read it yet due to travels. Did look through it ...more

A Good Hard Look: Get to Know Ann Napolitano

Ann Napolitano is the author of A Good Hard Look and Within Arm's Reach. She lives in New York City with her family....more