Back to School and Good Intentions

 Back to School Day! I call it Back to schedule day because in the summer any semblance of a regular schedule goes out the window.  It's fun but someone like me needs a schedule to keep myself on track....more

Human is as human does, smart one.

Up until last month, my internet usage was limited pretty much to obsessively checking my inbox, my Facebook feed, and loitering in a state of passive watchfulness for the ideal craft-time-waster/eat-cake-and-die-happy-recipe on things like craftgossip and designsponge and ohfranson, and lolling around dooce and girlsgonechild and other places with a sense of i-wish-i-could-do-that but I'd need another lifetime, and i-will-never-be-that-good (but just keep trying). [P.S. Don't read the GGC link if you're prone to sentimental waterworks and privately bawling over your child's incessant growing up like I am.]Somewhere along the way (and six-thousand-page-views) I went from voyeur to valiant charger in point two seconds. What?I also seem to have missed my rabies shot this life, so I have a hard time letting go of idiots when they poke me in the face. They get stuck in my teeth and give me IBS and I'm starting to think it would be wise to go on a diet, or make a life change, or start working out my frustrations with some resistance training and a treadmill instead of chasing after juvenile delinquents....more