Why Ask Emma?

Putting patience into practice

Egyptians queue to vote in parliamentary elections, Photo courtesy Gloria Center...more

The Art of the Introduction

We talk a great deal about how important first impressions are in business, but suggestions are almost universally spelled out for our own self-improvement, leaving out how we affect the first impressions that others make through our introductions. A bad introduction can cripple a conversation, and sour relationships, whereas a good one can make a conversation not only informative, but useful, as it can lead you and people around you to a world of opportunities down the line. ...more
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Pretty Women

 I went shopping today.  Those of you who know me will understand why I am now sitting with my feet up, wondering why I was ever born. I am not a shopper.  Even if I had some money, I still wouldn't be a shopper.  Well, unless you count Amazon; THERE I am a shopper.  The prices are better and there are no crowds.Today's jaunt, however, was for milk and bread, which Amazon doesn't have.  Hence, I went shopping....more

Would Miss Manners Approve Of Your Actions?

Have you had a personality check since becoming sober? ...more

My Theory on "Too Late to Ask" - Day 74 of the One Good Deed quest

 You know how you learn when you’re a kid that we only use 10% of our brain, but that scientists believe there’s huge potential for that other, unused 90%? I have long insisted that there’s a part of that dormant brain – and it gets bigger and bigger the older you get – which I like to call “Too Late to Ask.” You know the section of your noggin I mean. It’s stuff you knew, but now you’ve forgotten.  So you wind up asking yourself questions like:...more

How is Social Media Talk Different Than In Person?

Eleven years ago I created and ran an upscale specialty boutique with excrutiatingly cute home decor stuff, spa stuff (because I can't resist), and a nice baby gift section.  Lessons learned there have been extraordinarily useful in learning about people.  It's helped with Social Media a lot, in fact. One thing that's very different, though, is that Some people talk very differently online than they do in person. ...more

Manners 101

An open letter to (you know who you are)

By Jennifer Harvey   ...more

Mother's Day Reflections from A Lucky Cardiologist

By Dr. Holly Andersen ...more