Ann Curry Wears Heart on Sleeve with Tearful Goodbye

Today Ann Curry said a tearful goodbye as co-host of the Today Show. With class, professionalism, and grace she navigated a tough on-air situation under even more difficult circumstances. ...more
Sorry to see her go. We will miss you Ann Curry.more

Robin Roberts Has Myelodysplastic Syndromes -- What Is That?

This morning, we learned that Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America, has been diagnosed with MDS, or myelodysplastic syndromes -- what is that? What causes it? How is it treated? In this post, we answer your questions. ...more
Watched her this morning and I am so inspired by her courage and her grace. My father had MDS ...more

The Term "Sex Kitten" Takes New Meaning Today

Good Morning scare me.  Quite frankly, in a very good way. You keep me on my toes.  Well, not really because I'm always on my couch watching your program.  Typically, I'm on my second cup of coffee (OK fifth cup of coffee...but it's decaf so everyone relax!), when your program comes on my television and into my living room to both frighten and teach me.  My baby girl is typically napping in her swing.  You always seem to have at least one story that makes me choke on my coffee....more

E-Readers Versus Old Fashioned Books -- Which Is Greener?

A relatively new phenomenon is the E-Reader, be it Kindle, iPad, or a number of other new competitors coming into the marketplace. When you think about it, these devices would seem to be more environmentally friendly than your typical paper and cardboard book, even a paperback. Should we be buying our loved ones e-readers or traditional books this holiday season? ...more


I have Alopecia Universalis, and if I thought a handful of sessions putting my own follicles on ...more

Dr. Marty Becker Endorses Buckley's Story

Buckley’s Story just received an endorsement from Dr. Marty Becker!  ...more

Hazing - Are Our Kids Going Too Far?

Hazing is a well-known and long-standing part of the fabric of our society. If we haven't been through it ourselves, we likely know someone who has. But the practice of hazing as a way to indoctrinate a new member of a club, team or other group is on the rise and the ages of the participants are dropping. Is this just a normal part of growing up or should we be concerned? ...more

Show Me the Book Cover!

Show me the book cover. That's all I ask. That's also a mantra I teach my authors at HCI.It may feel out of character,even a bit pushy, but you know what they say, if you don't ask, you don't get. ...more

I really needed to read this article today!more