Would you open the door to a stranger?

I think my dog is going deaf.  She’s a 12 year old black lab, so I guess it’s possible.  Not a puppy anymore.  I’ve always relied on her to tell me when someone was at the door, or driving by or, you know, walking down the street four roads down.  ...more
I would have opened the door for a young girl like that. But I have a 14 year-old daughter. So ...more

Friday's heroes:Good neighbors indeed

@Denise Denise you are welcome!!! The kindness of others gives us hope, eh?more

One of "those" neighbors

Until recently, I thought I was a good neighbor. ...more

You may be "one of those neighbors" but I think it's a good thing. We can't please ...more

how to help a family with a medical emergency that lands them in I.C.U.

A family in the circle of my circle (i.e. we don't visit each other's homes, but would always stop to chat if we ran into each other) is in a bad spot. Their Dad was injured and is in ICU, which reminds me, of course, of when my Dad was hurt. I've been meaning to jot down what was helpful during those days, so here we go. ...more

I'm bookmarking, deliciousing, stumbling and kirtsying.

Great advice. Thank ...more