Looking Forward

I always need something to look forward to - just to get me through the work week, school, or just pure stress. Even if I'm at work and all I have to look forward to is going home, bringing home Chipotle for me and my fiance, and binge watching our favorite show - that's enough for me. Sometimes planning out fun things to do throughout your week can help you get through the sometimes boring daily routine. Even saving for bigger trips a few months away is such a good motivator to work harder and save for something fun....more

Good things I expect in September

Despite the anxiety we're facing in light of my husband's upcoming surgery, there will also be plenty of fun and happy events to be enjoyed this month! As a reminder to keep my attitude and life in balance, I thought I'd take a few minutes to note some of the good things I expect September to bring. ...more
 @Darcie Excellent! Thank you for the reference. I will look around for Moshka.more