What Makes a “Good” Parent?

What makes a good parent? In one word?  Humility.  In two words?  A sense of humour and humility. Think about it for a minute . Lately, I have spent more time with my now 5 grandchildren, all age 2 and under. I am struck with the fact that most adults are not natural baby whisperers and our society really does not spend time preparing these hapless adults to parent....more

Farmer Style by the Peterson Farm Brothers Reviewed by Karen Campos SuperParentMom.com

Ok. You have to admit that if a YouTube video gets 14 million hits, maybe, just maybe it might be worthy of a click to see what all the buzz is about. That was my frame of mind when I clicked on “Farmer Style” a parody video of “Gangnam Style.” I was pleasantly surprised. In fact I was giggling at how very creative the lyrics and video were. Greg, Nathan, and Kendal work their family farm and make no bones about their Godly view of life and the land they love. Good, clean, hard-working fun you might say....more

Are you a good parent? Get the facts and find out for real

“Am I a good parent?” is a question that plagues moms and dads everywhere. I’ve worked with countless parents over the years who struggle with doubts and lack confidence in their ability to parent. Why? Because parenting is hard. It’s hard, it’s child-specific, and anyone who tells you that you can be a great parent with little effort is likely smoking crack. And there’s no one “right” way to parent or surefire solution....more

Lessons from Parents of Homecoming Queen and Princess

Last Friday night, David and I got to celebrate a major life event with our friends Tim and Karyn.  Their twin daughters, Emily and Lizzy, were named princesses on their high school homec...more

Overprotective or Good Parenting: My Love for Chloe

The love a parent feels for an 11-year-old is most likely the same love felt for a 50-year-old child...never ending, yet tinged with worry, joy, understanding and compassion.I wonder if I will ever allow my child to go out with her friends and not be standing on the sidelines worrying.  Will I be able to trust that she will always make the right decisions and not be swayed by her peers?  I often get a stomach ache when I send her off on a new journey without adult supervision....more

The Imperfect Parenting Chronicles

Imperfect Parenting ChroniclesThere are some really great parents in the world. Parents who  do a phenomenal job of raising exceptional children without breaking a sweat....more

Good parenting: It's all in the details

I like to pay attention to what my kids are doing....more