Social Media Sites Off the Beaten Path: 9 Sites You Should Know

Everyone and their mother has a Facebook or Twitter account.  But what about all those other social media networks; the ones that don't get the love and attention they deserve?  There really is a site for every interest; you need to go find it.  Whether it's in a social media site you've heard of but didn't originally think was for you, or in one you never even knew existed, there's plenty out there beyond Facebook and Twitter!  Here are 9 sites you may have overlooked. ...more
Pinterest is by far one of my favorite social media sites right now, and I'm getting the hang of ...more


Why doesn't blog reading count towards your reading goals on GoodReads? Seriously, think about the amount of time we spend reading blogs. A weeks worth of blog reading is at least half of a novel, if not more! I find all kinds of "good reads" in the blogosphere. What gives 'GoodReads? Why you gotta' be hatin' on the blogging community like that?...more

Publishing and Reading Goes Social with Goodreads

ave you seen the new publishing platform that’s gone social,Goodreads? With a substantial collection of 12 million users, more and more are realizing what a powerhouse it is for authors and readers. At first glance it looks like a place to share what you are reading, socially, and digging deeper, it looks like a publisher, and it’s both! There are a few great uses for this platform, so let’s dive in like a good book!...more

she is too fond of books & it has turned her brain

As a librarian and a writer I, naturally, am also a reader. I was that weird kid who spent her recesses holed up in the school library and over Christmas break would take full advantage of the fact that we were allowed to check out 25 books instead of the normal 2....more

FSBO and other abbreviations

This real estate market totally sucks. That statement is from my point of view as a Seller.  From a Buyer's point of view, this real estate market is pure gold (if you have a job and can qualify for a mortgage.)  We've had our house actively for sale since January 2010. Actively is the magic word, because it's really been longer than that.  We need to sell, otherwise we wouldn't even be trying right now....more

How To Get the Most Out of GoodReads

According to the post I wrote, Top 5 Reasons I Prefer GoodReads to Facebook, it seems that I am not alone in the matter. It also seems that there are people who could use a little bit of help figuring out how to best utilize GoodReads. ...more

You can set up an author page at GoodReads, which will help a little (people like to see that ...more

GoodReads: Have You Been There?

Who likes to read?  I do!  I do!  Have you been to GoodReads?  It's a website where you can keep track of what you've read, what you are currently reading and what you'd like to read.  You can rate and review the books you've read, too.  I especially love being able to keep track of what I'd like to read because there's no way I could remember all of those!  I even added my own "shelf" of books my book club has read....more

Social Media Sites for Book-Lovers

Social networking and books are an excellent combination. Perhaps the only thing that book-lovers like more than reading and finding new books is telling people about them. So it's hardly surprising that multiple sites have appeared that allow book-lovers to socialize, catalogue and make new friends online. On their surface they aresimiliar . Each allows you add books, tag books, display your bookshelves, meet friends, and form groups. But each also has their own fans. ...more

I'm considering joining one of these communities, but it's really difficult to decide which one ...more