Those Small Fleeting Moments

Probably the worst show for me to watch is called “Time of Death” it documents people, in the final stages of their lives and how they and their family cope and plan for the inevitable....more

8 Things You Should Always Consider Buying From the Thrift Store

TataS ome people have weird hang ups about thrifts stores, but I don’t. I cannot tell you how many times people have looked at me bewildered when I’ve mentioned thrifting. I think they equate shopping at the thrift store with being poor and that’s not always the case. I shopped at the thrift store when I had nothing in college and I still shop there now. Here is a list of 8 things you should consider buying from the thrift store.   ...more

My Thrifting Scores from the Weekend!

This weekend I had a moment where I needed to escape the four walls of the house and venture out into the neighboring town of Madison, Georgia.  Madison is a old Antebellum community filled with some of the most beautiful homes anyone has ever laid their eyes on.  They have a thriving town square with great little restaurants and shops.  Andersen and I had a wonderful afternoon shopping and enjoying lunch at a wonderful little Bistro called Perk Avenue....more

Some Disabled People Won't be Eligible for Minimum Wage Increase

Sorry to get political right off the bat, but I'm a little annoyed right now. At President Barack Obama and his promise to raise the minimum wage in the United States.Don't get me wrong. I support any sort of initiative that will raise the minimum wage in the US. I've been following this issue ever since I learned that the current minimum wage in the US is only $7.25. It's been over $10.00 in Ontario (where I live) for years, going up to $11 in June. Heck, student minimum wage in Ontario in 1998 (the last time I worked as a student in Ontario) was $8....more

How and Where to Donate

It seems as if we all have too much stuff and not enough space.  It doesn’t matter how much you make, or how big your house is, we all fight the battle of clutter day in and day out.  So its time to really think about what is taking up space in your home.  Do you love your possessions?  Do you use them?  Many times, knowing that someone will be able to use your items better than you can is enough to help you get rid of some of those under used or unwanted items.  Below you will find some ways to donate and even make some money from your old items....more

Thrift Store Finds: Dog Bed Krylon Upcycle

Growing up, I hated wicker.  It was mainly due to the fact that, in the 80s/90s, it only came in a white, Shabby Sh*t Chic look or a natural wood color.  Then, Pottery Barn came along and introduced me to darker wicker and I was all "Heeeeeey!"  Fast forward to last week - I was trolling through Goodwill, looking for wreaths to makeover (future post to come), when I found *this*:...more

Guest Room via Thrift Shops & Yard Sales

 Guest Room #3 ...more

Use Goodwill with Good Will

Being the holiday season, we've made a few trips to Goodwill, dropping off old, unused toys, and picking up new (to us) ones!I'm not really big into huge causes and I can't contribute much to society at this point in my life, but I love Goodwill because it's an easy and local way to show my kids that giving is not only important, it's also fun.We've been going since they were two. I bring them with me so that they understand that their toys and clothes don't just 'disappear,' they go to other people....more