Are you panicking that your search engine ranking is about to tank because you've published guest posts on your blog? Have you got your emails ready? You know, the ones you plan to send out to every blog you've guest posted on, requesting they remove your guest post because it's now a big No-No according to Google... STOP. Slow down girlfriend. We're about to quickly discuss what you should do if:...more

Ask god to googe it?

So I have a serious question for the almighty google, what if they go out of business?  I mean what if google's stock tanks?  What happens to my blog?  I should probably google it.  God knows I don't back anything up......more

Google-y eyed

I'm thankful that I could type in the question "Can you substitute rum for bourbon?" in an online search engine and find an answer.The answer is no, by the way.I didn't need this information; I was just doing my part yesterday to resolve a disagreement between co-workers. Tina had found a recipe for a bourbon cake that you heat in a crock pot. Jamie, hearing the phrase "bourbon cake" immediately requested that Tina make it. Tina, alas, doesn't have any bourbon. Thinking about the alcohol she does have at home, she pondered aloud, "I wonder if I can substitute rum?"...more

"Women Should" Ad Creates Conversation

What happens when an advertisement does more than promote a product or service? In the case of "Women Should" ad by Ogilvy & Mather, it created quite a stir. The ad in question was a campaign used by UN Women to illustrate how sexism is global as a result of searching key words on Google....more

Why Content Creators Should Be Using Google+

Google is a mega-hub. We all know this, but so many people have written off Google's social community, Google+ because people they know "aren't there." Honestly, you'd be surprised how many people are there, and how much using Google+ for your links will impact your visibility and views....more

Google+ Now Lets Anyone Send You Email Through Gmail: Here's How to Opt Out

Starting yesterday, and continuing over the next couple of days, Google is rolling out an improvement to its Gmail and Google+ platforms; allowing anyone who on Google+ to email you -- no matter whether or not you have a relationship. Wait. That's an improvement?...more
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"Women should..." UN Women ad series reveals widespread sexism

A series of ads, developed for UN Women by Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, uses genuine Google searches to illustrate the widespread prevalence of sexism and discrimination against women. ...more

What is Up with All of the Privacy Settings Changes?

We're being forced into an age of sharing everything if we wish to be online, and having all of that information amassed under our real name for easy usage by large tech companies and the people to whom they choose to sell our likes and interests.  The only real way to opt-out is to not use these sites, though with the off-screen world mimicking the on-screen world, there really is no perfect privacy in an age where purchases are tallied and travel habits analyzed. The Information Age is both about putting information in the hands of the general public, but it's also about putting information in the hands of corporations. ...more
I HATE that they took away the option where you can opt out of search settings.  One quick look ...more

Hacker’s Delight: Google Chrome’s Security Flaw

Earlier this month, the internet was in an uproar over a security flaw (or feature) that was discovered in Google Chrome. As an avid Chrome user, I was shocked to find out what all the noise was about....saved passwords....more

Things I Googled This Week

Did you know Google is now a verb in the dictionary?  That is how much of an icon it has become.  It is the epitome of researching useless knowledge you will never use again.  It is how millions of people become self-made doctors without actually going to medical school....more