I'm the Go-to Google Gal

I am a compulsive Googler. Google has been a savior to my perpetually inquisitive, journalistic, non-stop mind of mine. Whenever I’m mid-discussion and there is a fact of which I’m uncertain, (How old was Marilyn Monroe when she died? What day is the exact middle of the year?) I Google. Don’t we all? ...more

How to Remove Your Google Voice Search History

If you use Google Voice Search , your history is stored and although you are the only one who can see it, it’s still a good idea to periodically erase your search results. I rarely use voice search myself—typically, I will inadvertently turn it on by sitting on my phone. I have also randomly activated it because I’m not wearing my glasses, resulting in a bleary screen and I can't see what the hell I'm clicking, tapping or sliding.  Usually once a month (if I remember), I go online and erase my search results and so should you. Here’s how: ...more

How to sign out of all Google Accounts

Let’s cut to the chase (never mind how you misplaced your phone): There are several ways to sign out of your Google accounts remotely. It takes three steps, and you’ll need the desktop version of Google....more

Time to tighten up Google Privacy Settings

There is good news for the tech-unsavvy out there: Google has made their privacy settings easier to work with. This day has not come a moment too soon. “My Account” is Google’s new dashboard....more

3 Things Bloggers Need to Do Before the Google Update Tomorrow

It is important for all bloggers to understand the Google update coming up on April 21st. As in, tomorrow. Even if you do not pay much attention to your Google rankings, this update will still affect your page traffic and audience reach. If you are not a website owner or blogger, you may still find it interesting how Google is trying to create an even better searching experience when using your mobile devices. Here are three things bloggers need to do before the update on April 21st. ...more
Thank you for sharing this information. Especially the link to check on the mobile friendliness ...more

Handling Criticism and the Internet

This is #2 in of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment”Chances are have had your fair share of opinion sharing from multiple well-meaning loved ones.  Perhaps it sounded something like this:“Oh, you are still breastfeeding?”...more

Is Google your best friend when it comes to finding exactly what you’re looking for?

 As an avid reader of Elle and Vogue I stumble upon articles and stories that are inspiring and motivating. One particular story got me so excited and I felt the need to share it with our CG readers. The story was featured by Chrysler 200 and it was titled “New American Success Stories” in Elle’s October 14 No. 350 issue....more

I Tried Google Glass!

Last Saturday (July 26), my husband and I went to a Google event to try the famous Google glasses. We had registered online a few days before and were supposed to get there between 11am and 12pm....more
I'd love to read the rest of your post, but the "more" link is just taking me to the front page ...more

An Infographic Guide to Google Apps for the iPad

Using Google Apps on the iPad can get sticky! Historically, Google and the iPad have not played well together. But we have come a long way in the last couple years! There are now tons of apps for iOS devices that integrate well with Google, and Google has release several official apps for the iPad. There is hope, Obi Wan, Google and Apple can play nice!Read More and Download the Infographic...more