I just realized how much I miss Google Reader

Looking back, 2009 was one of the most auspicious years of my life. I finished a thesis, earned a Master’s degree, got engaged, launched a blog(!), moved out of state, started a doctoral program, and maintained a long-distance relationship. But you know what I just realized I really miss? Google Reader. Stay with me....more
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Google Reader is Closing: A Comprehensive How-to for Loving Bloglovin'

Okay, as promised, I'm going to tell you all about Bloglovin.' 1. Google is doing away with Google Friend Connect as well as Google Reader with which you have enjoyed reading blogs up until this point. 2. If you do not transfer the blogs you follow before this transition happens, you will lose them and have to rely on your own powers of memory to recover them, which, if you're me, is not a pony on which you want to bet. 3. If you follow these simple instructions and transfer that followship now, nothing will be lost and you will have gained a newer, simpler, more dynamic way to read and organize your favorite blogs. ...more
@Nested I do - so easy to use and read blogs and see whats new in and mark them as read, when ...more

What Does the Internet Owe Us? And What Do We Owe the Internet?

I've been giving a lot of thought to the idea of loyalty online since I learned that Google Reader is going away.  The truth is that I felt abandoned by Google; they made a great product, asked me to use it, I fell in love with it, and then they snatched it away.  I jumped ship immediately, finding myself a new blog reader and settling in long before Google's summer deadline.  My feelings were hurt.  All I had been was loyal, and where had that gotten me? ...more
What a great point. I too felt upset with Google after they pulled out Google Reader. I felt ...more

Weekly Marketing Skinny: Panda update, Google Reader Alternatives, and more

In this issue of Weekly Marketing Skinny:...more

Quick note to my bloggy friends

Up until now I've been using a mishmash of my favorites list, NaBloPoMo links, BlogHer posts, e-mail subscriptions, and so on - basically, whatever happens to be on offer at a particular blog - to keep up with my bloggy friends. ...more

I Made My Blog Pretty So Visit It

We read plenty of posts telling us that if our layout is a mess, people will not visit our blogs. But with the popularity of feed readers, does anyone really visit the actual space anymore? Everyone who reads my posts in Google Reader misses out on the lovely additions I've made to my sidebar. I don't dress up during the day because no one sees me (one of the perks of working out of your house), but I definitely take the time to shower and throw on a dress when we're going to a party. Yet blog design is starting to feel as if your blog has shaved her legs and slapped on a little make-up just to sit at home alone. If no one is seeing her anyway, why bother dressing up? ...more
I am currently in the midst of a redesign- my 3rd look in 3+ years- and it's like a new lease on ...more

Are You Locking Out Blog Subscribers?

In the process of going through the online world and finding blog posts I wanted to subscribe to, I encountered a lot of roadblocks in my way. I wanted to share those with you so that you can make sure people find it really easy to subscribe to your blog posts. I mean, I was out there with the PURPOSE of subscribing. Many people will only opt to describe after they’ve read a post of yours they like. With that said, here are some important things to look out for. ...more
It's great advice to frequently view your blog as a visitor rather than the owner, but ...more

How the New Google Reader Can Benefit Your Online Marketing

Bob Speyer and Alison Brown from the Web Success Team review the new Google Reader and how it can benefit your business....more

How to Really Use Google Reader

So, how do you keep up with all the great reading on the Internet? I have to admit that until last week, I was not very good at it.  I finally, FINALLY started using Google Reader.  OMG, why didn't I do it like 3 years ago?!  It is awesome!  Everything you want to read, you just add to your list and then open your Reader everyday and all new stuff is posted! Love it! ...more

Why I broke up with Google Reader

I admit it. I've been using Google Reader for more than a year now.  ...more