Things I Googled This Week

Did you know Google is now a verb in the dictionary?  That is how much of an icon it has become.  It is the epitome of researching useless knowledge you will never use again.  It is how millions of people become self-made doctors without actually going to medical school....more

Google's Move To Combat Child Pornography is Corporate Responsibility

When I heard about Google finally taking a greater step towards eradicating child pornography from the Internet I thought…”It’s about time.” Google’s official blog outlines their commitments and the proposed millions being spent to clean up their very large corner of the Internet market is welcomed by the majority of its users. It isn’t that Google hasn’t been trying to do something....more

How Jack Andraka, 15, Used Google to Fight Cancer

I’m a bit of a TED Talks junky, so I frequently listen to people who are inspiring, thought-provoking and passionately engaged. But I can honestly say that none has made me quite as optimistic about the future as did the story of how young Jack Andraka invented a new cancer detection test by sifting through research freely available on Google. ...more
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Are Google SEO, EMD & Panda Updates Driving You Crazy?…Don’t Let Them!

 Google keeps rolling out new updates for SEO, including new EMD and Panda algorithms, and it can literally drive you crazy.It doesn’t have to!What does the user of a search engine and a reader want when finding a website? They want good and relevant content to their search…it’s that simple.Content, content, content is your winner every time. READ MORE >>...more

SEO in 2013 and the Importance of AuthorRank

One of the biggest trends we are going to see changing SEO for this coming year is AuthorRank. If you have heard of Pagerank, you have an idea of what sort of tool this is. AuthorRank won’t be a replacement for Pagerank, rather used to inform Pagerank, in the hopes of enabling Google to rank quality content more appropriately. The most important changes are;...more
Great information and insight  --  I currently have over 9000 people who have me in there ...more

Facebook Exchange, Targeted Ads, and Opting to Opt Out

I read about the Facebook Exchange (FBX) curious as to what it meant for online privacy. I'm not of the belief that targeted advertising is all good or bad, but I do think we should have the ability to pick and choose how we're tracked online and by whom. From Facebook to Google, we’re opted in to these programs before, or if, we can choose otherwise, which raises the question: is a tailored web a better one? And what can we do about it?...more
@Kristen Daukas Thanks for your perspective as a marketing professional. I think that targeting ...more

Takeaways from PubCon Las Vegas 2012 

As usual PubCon day 2 was jam-packed full of information. Also known as the “Premier Search and Social Media Conference,” everything from social media to search engines and online advertising were discussed. So what did we learn while attending? Below is a recap as well as some of the highlights from the day....more

Online Reputation Management for Sex Bloggers

I chose to live a transparent life, to come "out" as a sex blogger because I believe being out is a safer place to be than being in the closet. Make no mistake, I'm no altruist; I do what I do because doing it makes my situation better than not doing it. The reason I am so strongly supportive of other people choosing to live an open life is solely because coming out of the closet is a vaccine against blackmail, emotional abuse, and shame. ...more
I am already totally bumming on this front.  At one point at least, due to a perfect storm of ...more