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Blog Directorystoneybrook and I kept facebooking with each other even when he was in New York. I kept telling him to see his old girlfriend because she always texted him while I was around. Last time we'd hung out we'd hooked up and I'd told him my dilemma. I told him that I wanted a roommate, and said that we could split the rent for 550 a month if he'd come live with me. His girlfriend must have texted seven times while we talked about this whole thing....more

Google Plus Welcomes Minors, Still Has Issues to Resolve

At the end of January, Google's social network Google Plus quietly opened the doors to minors ages 13 and over. This is something that anyone managing a Google+ Page already suspected, based on the choices when creating the page to make it 18 and over. What users didn't expect was that Google+ would open its gates so soon, with so many issues still left to address. ...more

Out of Touch

(Originally posted on My Really, Real Reality) Frustrated.   That's the only word to describe how I felt most of the afternoon.  The messaging feature was not working on my phone.  Every time I tried to send or check texts or emails, it would just say "Initializing" for about 2 minutes and then go back to the main screen.  (Over, and over, and over.  Until I was ready to scream.)A quick Google told me first of al...more

Where was Google when NDAA Got Signed?

Do our rights to internet supersede the right to a fair trial? Where was Google or anyone on the internet channels or networks when THAT got signed? I am infuriated- their whole campaign to keep our internet rights is not in OUR interest but THEIRS. The only reason why they are protesting is because they have a business invested in the internet. Without the internet the way it is today they would have no money and that’s that. Their add campaigns, public sharing sites would be shut down. But what about our right to an attorney, to trial????...more

Medical Diagnosis on Google

Kawasaki's disease or dry hands? A tumor behind my right orbital cavity or some sinus pressure?I go to Google all the time to self-diagnose.  I think it's a pretty useful tool, but there are times when it's not always so helpful.Like when I thought I discovered I was having a heart attack instead of some indigestion to blueberries.  Given my age at the time and the fact that I had eaten an entire container of the blueberries, I gave my mom a call and asked her.  She said, "You're not having a heart attack." ...more

Your Father Isn’t… Charlie

I met Charlie at a friend’s birthday party and we hit it off talking about the developing importance of behavioral economics. Throughout the night I find myself talking to him again and again, although I can never really tell what he means by it. Toward the end of the night, instead of asking for my number, Charlie suggests we exchange business cards. I figure we connected on an intellectual level, so we’re solidly in the friend zone. I’m ok with that....more

Google Health Goes Offline: How To Download Your Data

Google Health will be shutting down on the first of January, 2012, allowing users one year before deleting all the data contained in individual profiles permanently. Follow the directions on this post to download your health records or transfer them to a new service. ...more
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Google We Got A Problem

I have been working on my 2012 blog edition in the last couple of days - I know, it totally feels like a car when it's about to be released for its new look of the year. I invested a couple of hours here and there with this new look mostly because the baby still requires a lot of my attention and could not commit to give more. And finally, last night, it was decently completed. It did not feel like a lot of work was done or at least, what I was aiming to do I could tweak the HTML without complications....more

Site for Sore Eyes? More About Google Search

Hello. My name is DJ and I’m a Google addict.

It started out so innocently. One day I needed to know something. I don’t remember what it was now, just something trivial I suppose but at the time it seemed important. I had heard of Google before, but I’d never used it. I had used MSN and Yahoo, and they had never held too much appeal, so I figured I could try Google with no problems The internet was right there at my fingertips....more
Ha, ha... I loved this post, because I, too, believe am a "Google addict." Whenever a questions ...more