Site for Sore Eyes? More About Google Search

Hello. My name is DJ and I’m a Google addict.

It started out so innocently. One day I needed to know something. I don’t remember what it was now, just something trivial I suppose but at the time it seemed important. I had heard of Google before, but I’d never used it. I had used MSN and Yahoo, and they had never held too much appeal, so I figured I could try Google with no problems The internet was right there at my fingertips....more
Ha, ha... I loved this post, because I, too, believe am a "Google addict." Whenever a questions ...more

How the New Google Reader Can Benefit Your Online Marketing

Bob Speyer and Alison Brown from the Web Success Team review the new Google Reader and how it can benefit your business....more

People In Russia Will Love This

My blog comes up in a Google search.Pretty impressive, right? I feel like I have finally made it in the blogosphere because now people can google things like "her undies were filled with poop" and find this little gem of internet gold.What finally broke through the internet wall of search terms, you wonder? Continue... ...more

Weighing in: Google's naming policy

I was listening to CBC Spark Episode 155 in which they were discussing Google Plus' anti-pseudonym policy. Personally, I think that we get what we pay for with free social networks and it's all caveat emptor. But I do find this particular policy interesting because of the other potential implications....more

Back to School with Google+ Day 3 - Customizing the "Magic Hover" Box!

 Unless you're working for Google, CNN, or the White House, most people will probably not recognize your company name.Why not tell them a little more about you in the most compelling place possible?When you hover your mouse over someone's profile pic, a "magic box" appears with the exact information you put into the "Employment" line on your profile. Spice yours up with something more original than "Blah, Inc." At least tell us something helpful or clever about what you do there. :)...more

Bloggers Cheer Google's Zagat Acquisition

Yesterday, Zagat Survey and Google announced the giant search engine company had acquired Zagat for an undisclosed price. Zagat Survey aggregates the opinions of more than 350,000 people around the world into guides to restaurants, nightlife, hotels, and other attractions. Google will use the Zagat reviews and ratings as it expands its local offerings....more

What’s in Your Google Basket? Must Have Tools for Businesses

The realm of Google has been expanding over the last decade and so have its services. Most of us have heard of Gmail or Google Maps, but there are many other tools at your fingertips that can enhance your online marketing efforts and help grow your business online. What’s great about Google’s tools is that they are free and fairly user friendly. Highlighted below are some of Google’s greatest tools to take advantage of to help your business succeed....more

Seven Innovative Ways To Use Google +


Is Google+ Leveling the Facebook Playing Field?

Here is an article by my business partner, Bob Speyer at Web Success Team about the benefits of Google+By Bob Speyer – Web Success Team...more