How to Search & Do More With Google

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There are some really cool tips in there! I am going to bookmark this post so I can come back ...more

Blogger Still Down: Are You Going Through Blog Withdrawal?

What is that moan sweeping over the blogosphere? It's the sound of blog withdrawal as bloggers discover for the second day running that their Blogspot account is in read-only mode. Meaning; readers can access blogs hosted by Blogger, but writers cannot reach their dashboards in order to write a new post. ...more

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Bunny Suicides: Why The Cadbury Eggs Are Offing Themselves

I mean, really. What is there to say other than the fact that each year I find the Cadbury Creme Egg suicides (video below) completely disturbing. and hilarious. And disturbing....more

Capitalizing on Geo-Social Media and Location-Based Services

Web Succeess Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discusses Geo-Social Media and Location-Based Services for businesses. ...more

Integrate Offline Marketing Materials with Social Media

Web Success Team contributors Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss the power of integrating traditional marketing materials with social media. ...more

True Confessions of a Corporate Slacker: How I Prepared for My Inevitable Layoff and the Rest of My Life

When a company with over 350 employees shrinks down to barely 200, the Human Resources Director also suffers job shrinkage. I began working with the company in May, 2002 as an A/P clerk and worked my up to HR by May, 2009.  Since then, my work load had changed dramatically.   Gone were the busy halycon days of constant interviewing, hiring and training.  We didn't hire because we were losing contracts, and no one seemed to want to pay for our services.  After a while, even the hordes of daily requests for employment verifications from other companies ...more

Google Penalties for Big Cheaters

Two major newspapers in the US have revealed search engine optimisation’s “dirty little secrets” and Google has dropped the offending companies in the search results....more

Is Your Business Prepared for the "Year of the Tablet?"

Apple unveiled the highly anticipated iPad 2 Wednesday morning. It’s thinner and lighter than the original iPad, boasts two cameras (one in the front and one in the back), and it’s nine times faster than its predecessor....more

You Got (Absolutely No) Mail: Google Deletes Email Accounts

The absolute unthinkable has happened. According to Mashable, some Gmail account users tried to log into their email accounts only to find out that everything -- their messages, contacts, settings -- was gone, gone, gone baby gone. ...more
I'm totally bummed. Just received an email from Google stating that my Yahoo email account has ...more

Small tangent

  Do you remember The Bus Saga? It was better, and then it got worse....more