Trump belittle women during GOP debates

The GOP debate was enlightening showing how out of touch all ten candidates were on the following issues, women's issues such as when Trump was asked about how he refers to women as slobs, and other demeaning names not one of the other candidates chimed in to stand up for women, Really? they showed how its business as usual, that they are misogynists and downright wanting to keep Washington as the boys club.  The remarks about de-funding Planned Parenthood, really?...more

Arizona/CNN GOP Primary Debate: And Then There Were Four, Sort of

Last night, CNN convened and broadcast another Republican presidential primary debate. I called it for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney early on, because former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (PA) seemed to stumble over his words multiple times in the course of just the first four minutes. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (GA) appeared to be back in form as the professor, having something to teach everyone. And Texas Congressman Ron Paul was quintessential Paul: portraying himself as the only one who really bucks anything meaningfully....more