Tea Baggers wantin' sumthin' fur nuthin'

You know how the Tea Baggers are always squalling about the evils of “takers” or the “entitlement culture”? Well, I might have to start listening because NOBODY knows how to mooch and get paid for breathing like a Tea Bagger. The higher the Tea Bagger, the bigger the leach....more

White Elephant Sale

Y’all, I am not a professional political analyst. No one inside the “Beltway” calls me up asking for my opinion. I assume they don’t read my blog, because no men in black suits have come to my door to have a little talk with me. Nevertheless, I can tell you that a political move that throws a political party's ass into the polling dumpster is a numbnuts move....more

The Dog Didn't Eat Tea Bags

I am currently being driven over the brink by people sharing far-right memes on my Facebook feed. I am not offended because their political opinions differ from mine. Nope nope nope. I am ready to pull my hair out because the stuff they are saying is untrue. These are people who don’t typically lie, so Imma go out on a limb and say that they are spreading information that someone *cough Faux News cough* has told them is true -- without ever bothering to fact check it!!...more
So if this shutdown thing is totally legit, I say the left uses it to repeal the Patriot Act, ...more