Interview: Diane Abbott, Candidate for British Labour Party Leader

Back in June, we reported on the effort of Diane Abbott, Britain's first black female member of Parliament, to get on the ballot for leadership of the Labour Pary. While some observers scoffed at the prospect that the veteran back-bencher could beat out better financed candidates who had served in previous Labour governments, Abbott did succeed in becoming the only female candidate for Party leader on the ballot. Voting began September 1st and will continue through most of the month under a scheme that accords weight to individual party members, organizations, and MPs. The winner will be announced at the Party's national conference September 26-30. ...more

Thanks, Melissa. The Conservatives are fond of pointing out that they had their first female ...more

(VIDEO) First Black Female MP Diane Abbott Bids for Britain's Labour Party Leadership -- Why She's One to Watch

UPDATE June 9: After the withdrawal of John Mc Donnell, Diane Abbott secured the 33 nominations needed to secure a spot on the ballot in the leadership elections this fall. News reports and blog reactions here: ...more

Help for Haiti from a UK mummy blogger

I'm not overly political, although I do have opinions (and I like Nick Clegg so much more after his Gina Ford comments..), and although Gordon Brown might have trouble running a piss up in a brewery I do like the fact he gave women more maternity leave (but I have diminishing faith in his ability to get us out of debt)....more

President Obama: Overwhelmed and Ill-Advised?

A series of neophyte flubs have saddled the new administration with an embarrassing amount of attention concerning its effectiveness at foreign relations. As one of the president's (and his administration's) most important jobs, it should take precedence above almost everything else. A president isn't superhuman, to be sure, but when he makes an amount of promises fit for a superhero, his constituents expect him to deliver. ...more