30-Minute Evening Routine to Prevent Morning Meltdowns

My daughter's private school switched buildings this past summer, turning what used to be a trip around the corner into a 20-minute drive. This also meant that my husband could no longer do the morning drop-off, which meant that I, a work-at-home mom, would now have to -- Gasp! -- get dressed in the morning and venture out in public before 8 a.m. ...more
The clothes picking out part is a great idea - and we kind of do that AND the opposite of that ...more

UPDATE: Milk Board Takes Down Sexist Milk Campaign Site

The sexist milk campaign from the California Milk Processors Board on which we reported last week has taken down its microsite Everything I Do Is Wrong.org following the firestorm online. In its stead, they offer a mixture of praise and anger from commenters and publications. This is why BlogHer is not among them. ...more

When do feminists consier it funny when commercials make fun of men, but sexism when they make ...more

Got Sexism? The California Milk Processor Board's New Milk Campaign

The California Milk Processor Board wanted to breathe life back into Got Milk by tying in findings about calcium's ability to alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, but is their new campaign funny or just plain alienating for the women they claim to want to help? ...more

I think the new spin on Got Milk is cute. We know PMS is real. We know how it feels to have it ...more