Voting Rights

Here is a simple history of our voting rights. If you are not registered to vote do it today.

No Hospitals Safe

From my blog Take It Easy, posted 23 November 2014...more

Look Who's Pinning: The White House & Government Join Pinterest

The Obama White House is no stranger to the tools of civic engagement. Its social media hub page, titled "Engage and Connect," offers easy access to its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Scribd, Flickr, Slideshare, LinkedIn, FourSquare and even GitHub accounts....more

Productivity and Politics – Would Our Government Be More Productive If It Was Run Like A Business?

“A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”.   Abraham Lincoln Our most recent elections are behind us and I have to admit I am very relieved to no longer see the political “ads” cluttering my television.  However, in a very real sense, our political tasks are just beginning. ...more

We, the People..., the People…OCTOBER 12, 2012...more

I Was One of the 47%

I spent the first nine years of my life caught in the war that waged on and on between my parents. My dad was fierce with words, but contrary to the popular saying, his bite was actually worse than his bark. I can recall nights spent awake listening to him terrorize my mother in the next room. The time he pushed her down in a Toys-R-Us parking lot in front of horrified onlookers. The false molars my mom has from that time he punched her in the face. ...more
Thank you for writing this. As someone who also grew up in the 47% and again now as a single ...more

Education Job Layoffs Far Outpace Government Job Layoffs – What Gives?

A May 3rd article in the Orange County Register reports that year-to-date on the national level close to 15,000 jobs in public education have been cut due to budgetary issues. Trailing far behind in second place is government jobs, with nearly 9,000 jobs lost....more
As a former teacher it is heartbreaking and unfortunately nothing new.more

The Degradation of Language in America is Nothing to LOL About

And no, my spell check did not land on LOL.  Nope, not then either. ...more

Stop Mountaintop Coal Mining

We mine over a billon tons of coal every year in the United States. Around 20 percent of that comes from central Appalachia, where a type of coal mining called mountaintop coal mining is used for about 95 percent or more of the strip-mining. This form of mining is full of controversy and for good reason. ...more
@AVeryGoodYear @blogher what annoys me is how everyone attacks coal, but no one says a word ...more

Irish Government 101

This guy is the President of Ireland. OF COURSE HE IS! His name is Michael Higgins. OF COURSE IT IS! With all due respect he's the cutest widdle pwesident I've ever seen....more