My son's cause - bring back the voting machine!

I love voting. In fact, Election Day is one of the most exciting days of the year for me.  When I was a child my parents used to take me with them to vote....more

China's Smog Problem

I spent a week in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Xi’an recently, and in the entire seven days, I never saw the sun or sky.That’s not because the sky was stormy or overcast. It’s because the air is so polluted that, more often than not, it’s cloaked in a thick grey haze that even obscures the tops of office buildings....more
Diane, This seems like an example of how American multinational corporations offload the cost ...more

School of Hard Knocks

I am not totally sure my husband is going to be o.k. with this post.Which means, you should definitely keep reading.As many of you know, LG's law practice was a huge trial of our faith.LG was able to help a lot of people and do some amazing things,but it never paid out like it needed to.In fact, The State of Tennessee was so bad about payingtheir court appointments, that many times we waited over 6 monthsfor LG to be paid for his work.That is 6 months, after he submitted his claims.When you do juvenile work,...more

When Insurance Fails: Resources for Free Vaccines

Insuring Nothing ...more

Palm Trees, Snow-capped Mountains, Unwanted Pets Lay Dying: The New California Landscape?

I was talking to a colleague today about the condition and care of shelter animals and whether it has improved, worsened or stayed the same over the past 10 years. She asked me, what law I would pass to improve the plight of shelter animals if I had a magic wand. Notwithstanding my personal opinion that we already have too many redundant, ineffective and poorly written laws, I don't believe there is such a legal fix. I would rather use a wand to make everyone a humane, responsible pet caretaker and a model of good citizenship....more

A quick primer on the HST as it is spoke in British Columbia, Canada

Here in British Columbia we are getting launched into another rabid debate over the dreaded HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). It was introduced after the provincial election wherein the incumbent government (Liberal) swore vehemently there were no new taxes waiting in the wings should they be returned to office....more

Bloody stupid 'smoking rules' are introduced in the UK

The most ridiculous ruling on the planet has just gone into force in the UK. As from next year, it will become an offence to display cigarettes in any shop; they must all be kept hidden under the counter. I thought about it, and the more I did, the more ludicrous the ruling seemed. Exactly who was the ruling targeted at? And what did they hope to achieve? After much deliberation, I narrowed it down to two specific groups: (1) potential impulse buyers; and (2) current cigarette smokers. ...more

Couldn't agree more! And even if Children can see them, they can't pick accidentally pick them ...more

Constituency Services Part 4: Respect, Resources and a Response

Texas Capitol  Some of my favorite memories of various excursions with my mom or field trips with my school invo...more

Constituency Services Part 2: My Experience Re: Contacting My Legislators

Faith in My Country I'm neither a gullible nor particularly trusting individual when it comes to strangers, sales pitches or concepts outside of my...more