Lowering the Bar: Fewer Expectations & Finding the Positive

Date Night Last night DH and I had a date night and went to dinner....more

Gabrielle Giffords Shot and 6 Killed Today

Wow, I cannot imagine how difficult that is for you.

When tragedy hits so close, it hits ...more

Tax Cut Extension: We Need Civil Problem Solving Beyond Bad Compromises

There are times when I get angry about how we as a country choose to solve serious problems. We call it a compromise. I think it is more like whack-a-mole. We expend a lot of energy in doing something close to nothing more than is necessary to play the next level of the game. The compromise on the unemployment extension and maintenance of the Bush tax cuts does not solve problems. ...more

I will agree with you that speeding money we do not have is foolish.

We can dicker when that ...more

The Colosseum Lights Up - Against violence to women

I interrupt my regular monthly report - Tante Belle Cose - to bring you Una Grande Bella Cosa:  November 25th marks the Int'l Day of Violence against Women, and on that day, Rome announced that the world's most loved symbol (well, not counting the WWF Panda) would serve as a torchlight for women the world over.  And, in a case of the wheels of democracy - or in Italy's case, bureaucracy - burning rubber, this initiative took root in only a fortn...more

Thanksgiving Traditions: The Pilgrims’ Laws

Home for the Holidays Ahhhh, Thanksgiving....more

San Francisco Legislative Proposal Would Restrict Restaurant Toys to 200 Calorie Food Items

If you thought Seinfeld's Soup Nazi was bad, read this article about how a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (a combined city and county governmental entity) wants to restrict restaurants in terms of the meals with which toys can be given. ...more

I long ago lost count of how many things I wouldn't know if it weren't for blogs. I love ...more

Citizens Who Have Lost Faith in Government Find Solutions for the Oil Spill in Social Networks

 Nothing says more about citizens' loss of faith in government than a website in Santa Rosa, CA called StoptheGusher, where ordinary cititzens have gathered to share ideas, offer suggestions, and rack their brains about what to do about the Gulf Oil Spill. ...more

Education = Lot’s of $$$

I knew I’d have to spend a good chunk of change before classes even began.  I mean, I still had some packs of paper and highlighters around, but my backpack with the Grateful Dead bears patch sewn on it just wasn’t gonna do.  Add on textbooks, a computer that had a better operating system than Windows 98, a couple of uniforms, and some other miscellaneous ‘back to school’ items – I was looking at a pretty hefty bill.  It was going to take a lot more money then the double digits I was rocking in my savings account. It didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t going to ge...more

Yes, medical textbooks are the worst! The majority of them are supposed to last us for the ...more

Getting Away With Murder ~ More From Goodbye Shelia

Monsanto is getting away with murder on so many levels.   If you are a first time reader of my blog please go to this link for my last blog http://www.blogher.com/more-goodbye-shelia.  There you will have a total recap of my resent blogs on the subject of the worlds food supply as well as to the farmers under their control.  PLEASE go to this link and send a message to Governor Strickland of Ohio, let him know it is our right to have labeling that assures us that our dairy products contain no ...more