The Brat Summit

The Brat Summit held by Scott Walker today in Maple Bluffs Wisconsin.Last week, governor Scott Walker offered a bipartisan picnic invitation to his government colleagues at his acceptance speech.  Today the “Brat Summit” is taking place in Maple Bluffs Wisconsin.  The party was set to begin at 3:00 and as of last count estimate by Fox News, there were about a hundred people attending, both Democrats and Republicans. ...more

Unions Under Attack Across the US

Unions across the United States have been under attack this week as states like Ohio and Wisconsin are working to pass bills that would end collective bargaining -- among other things. The tension has been high in the state capitols of Columbus and Madison, with thousands of supporters and opponents verbally clashing and raising the volume to that of a chainsaw... or twelve. ...more
I heard this morning that the post offices are having problems. Then, they said their contract ...more