Road-tested Reviews: The Waze of the Road

Though my husband and I are veteran roadtrippers these days, there was, in fact, a time when we traveled without a GPS. Or at least, with a less than adequate one. Let me tell you, there is little more terrifying than driving through I’m-not-really-sure-where, Georgia, in the middle of the night when your GPS decides your course is now somewhere in the Atlantic....more

Location-based GPS Services are Risky

It’s pretty simple: Your mobile’s global positioning system (GPS) functionality allows location-based services to locate and publish information about your whereabouts on various applications and within the code of photos posted online. Various applications allow you to “check in” using your mobile and share your whereabouts with the world. These applications tap into your device’s GPS longitude and latitude data....more

GPS...OOPS...AY, YI, YI...

I may or may not have mentioned that one of my struggles in life is sense of direction. Well, actually directions, in general. OK, to be clear, I struggle with most things visual, but especially directions. People, it's pretty bad.I mean, I do things like turn the wrong way coming off elevators in hotels that I've stayed in several nights, I get lost in JC Penney's all the time (but, that's really not my fault because that store is laid out weird) and driving to or in new places can just be downright...exhausting and maddening....more

How To Steal A Car: Hack It!

No more jimmying doors with a Slim Jim, bricks through windows, extracting lock cylinders with a dent puller, or hot-wiring ignitions. Automobiles today are being built to include wireless capabilities that allow for remote unlock, remote start, and of course, there’s global positioning systems (GPS) and services like OnStar and ATX, which offer “telematics,” or information and communications technology. While these services appear relatively secure, researchers in controlled environments are searching for vulnerabilities....more

Garmin Gets It Wrong (Again)

Image by guccio@文房具社 via Flickr...more

My GPS is trying to kill me. Or get me fired.

yvonne@attractedtoshinythings For my job, I drive approximately 95% of the time. I usually drive between 50 and 75 miles a day, and it is imperative that I arrive at my destination in a timely manner....more

Detaching From the Crutch: On Parenting Advice and GPS

Driving through narrow, winding roads on a wet and cold afternoon, I wonder (silently) if we are going the right way. After our second near miss of a head on collision, I speak up. "This doesn't seem right," I finally say, more than a little perturbed. ...more

You said it so well. It can be tough to weed through the abundance of information out there, but ...more

Foursquare Scavenger Hunt at U of O

Last Friday I had the nerve to take Tom back over to campus on the first day that undergrads were back on campus- all in the name of social media!...more

What Will You Find? The Thrill of Grown-Up Treasure Hunting

Remember all those cool books from childhood which started with a treasure map that sent the character on a grand adventure? X marks the spot isn't just pirate lore anymore -- treasure hunting has stepped out of the pages of books and into international hands-on adventure in the form of geocaching, letterboxing, or waymarking. Do I sound too geeked-out excited? ...more
I just blogger about our family fun with geocaching. We love ...more

How Online Community Based Services Can Effectively Market Your Business

Numerous community or location-based services have come out that have grown into massive platforms for sharing and connecting. The most recognizable ones are Yelp, Foursquare, and Gowalla....more