How to Say Thanksgiving Grace

Editor's note: Mata, BlogHer's longtime and much-loved contributing editor on religion and spirituality, passed away in May of 2013. I can think of no better tribute than re-running this post she wrote in 2009, on giving thanks. -- Julie ...more
On Thanksgiving and before every meal.more

Grace in the Darkest Moments

The news is really bad lately.  Really bad.  I feel powerless to help in most instances, other than to pray.  It is at times like these that I remember the power of grace and how it appears in our darkest moments to comfort us and I can only hope that grace is ever present among those who are suffering. ...more

Grace or Something Like It

My go-to music on my drive to-from work is usually Mumford & Sons–mostly because I can easily tell Siri to “play Mumford” and get at least an hours worth of soul-soothing or fast-driving tune-age. But the lyrics also require me to confront the concept of grace more often than I ever have in my life....more

My grandmother's influence

I stood for a long while at the sink, washing and trimming the flat of strawberries from Sunday’s farmers market. In my left hand, between thumb and forefingers, I held one berry at a time. In my right, I gently gripped the handle of a paring knife and sliced the stem end off with a motion running towards my body. My hands worked together in a practiced way, the repetitive motions so unconsciously deft that when I plucked the last berry from the colander, I was surprised....more

Have You Been Nudged Lately?

What a beautiful time in my life. I live in a beautiful place, I have a good job, a loving husband. There are hiccups, some actually very big hiccups. That is the very nature of life. And sometimes, I do find myself focusing just on the problems, the drama of living. I feel a shift though. Something has changed. It's subtle, a nudging, but it is definitely there. Moments of clarity have remained elusive in my life. I have had them. They have been sweet but flittering. Snippets of an ah hah moment, then gone....more

Gifts Are Never Earned

It was a Goonies attic worthy moment. A garage full of treasures, each one hoping her eight-year-old eyes would choose its adventure over the others. The purple bike with a unicorn designed banana seat? Ooo, or maybe dare the pink ten-speed bike instead. Or the pogo ball. That’s always fun. She could dig out the tennis racquets or the white skates with the hot pink wheels. Though, probably not a good idea to do both at the same time....more

Grace {When You Leave Your Heart Behind}

They've grated the road....more

"Threatened by Grace"

"Threatened by Grace"  Matthew 2:13-18...more