The Difference A Year Has Made

A few years ago, I was given a copy of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell by the hosts of a sales training I was attending. This book examines some patterns of success that are not what I would consider obvious to the casual observer. One of the sections of the book analyzes the birth dates of Canadian professional hockey players and presents this information adjacent to their levels of success....more

Euthanasia Isn't Funny, Except When It Is

I have stopped and started this post about fifteen times, trying to find the right words without creating an uproar. It all began yesterday with a very positive phone call with Will's teacher, during which she was telling me about how awesome Will has done at school this week. After several minutes of reveling in this conversation together, she says that now she needs to tell me something. Cue the dah dah daaaaaah music and subsequent breath-holding. "Yesterday I was teaching this really boring math lesson", she says, "and really, it was boring....more