Falling Down

I have to be someone else for a little while. Or maybe a long while, depending on how things go. You see, I'm changing careers and need to protect myself against misinterpretations of my most opinionated postings. Which means if I'm going to blog, I have to blog anonymously. And I need to blog, right now.This morning I got an email message from the manager in charge of my dream job. She was kindly dropping a line to let me know that my resume was not shortlisted for interviewing. I say 'kindly' because she was under no obligation to email me, and the message was generous in tone....more

Starting a New Life Chapter in My 30's

I'm about read to embark on a journey I didn't foresee for myself.Going back to graduate school in my 30's for a degree that will not only not guarantee me a job, but which does not, on it's own, even make me competitive to receive the jobs I am interested in.So, Why am I doing it?...more

A Long Time Ago In a Graduate School Far, Far Away

The Prompt: Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home....more

Editing My Own Story: Going Back to School at 36 Changed My Life

I was 36 when I decided that I didn’t want to do what I was doing any more, and certainly not every day for the rest of my working life. ...more
This is so inspiring! I started college right out of high school and had no idea what I wanted ...more

Things I Learned in the Last Week and A Half!

This is a guest blog by Cece’s sister.  She is just back from taking her daughter to South Dakota to see her new apartment and to settle into a new town for graduate school.  One early morning, she posted the following on her Facebook page: ...more

PhD in Hand. Now the Job Interview

Anyone who has finished, started or even contemplated going to graduate school knows that its more about tenacity and a willingness to jump hoops than about intelligence or the love of wisdom (although with any luck these things will be there too).  First, there are the competitive seminars with your back stabbing peers--after all, these are the people who decided to become academics.  It goes without saying that they will for the most part be lacking in social skills after spending all of their childhood years being tormented by cooler peers. ...more
@Jane Miller LOL! The snow storm was in the Hyundai. The first time we went to New York we took ...more

Wherein I Terrify My Children and then Eat Cake

On July 28, 2005, I left my desk feeling gross.  I worked in one of those under-ventilated towers, and I hadn't yet earned myself an office with windows.  Sometimes a walk in the daylight helped me feel better.  Barring that, a gingerale might help, or a slab of fudge or something.  Simultaneously starving and trying not to barf, I wondered at the wisdom of the more-or-less month long university graduation celebration.  A LOT of wine had entered this body over the last few weeks.  And cocktails.  And take-out in all of it's salty and greasy glory.  An...more
Thank you! I would love if my grad school experience turned into a teaching position. Helping ...more

Walk this Wing (...or how a fantasy almost got me rejected by Harvard)

Walk this Wing (...or how a fantasy almost got me rejected by Harvard)...more

Signing Off

Attaining my graduate degree was a bit of a process. I took the long road with a few side trips to stop and smell the roses, I suppose. But, I finished and have that piece of paper. That's all that matters, right? That you finish.My adviser and I had built a relationship during that long and winding time. I trusted him and had faith in him and an immense amount of respect. He called me on my b.s. and I tried to make him laugh. Then he would call me on my b.s. some more. He was very highly ranked in the graduate school, the dean of the program, actually....more

What had happened was...

Recently, and not entirely of my own free will, I gave up teaching.  In essence, this is not a long-term goal.  Not yet, anyway.  I was offered a few positions as a teacher's aide, after having taught in a classroom of my own for the past five years.  Needless to say, I wasn't terribly thrilled to take a giant pay cut and be bossed around by someone who would have been my peer.  As it turns out, the need for classroom English teachers is not very high in this area these days.  ...more