Is it All Doom and Gloom for 2009 Grads?

Recently I was at a board meeting for a local women's business organization and one of the members who is also a Mom shared something that took me by surprise. She had been at a college graduation where the graduation speaker literally spoke a message of doom and gloom for 2009 graduates. As she put it, "the speaker basically told these young adults that while they succeeded in getting their diploma there are no jobs to be found so be ready for disappointment and dependence on your parents". ...more

Thanks KatieV and MakingCentsMom for sharing your stories.  One thing I know for sure is that ...more

Yikes! I Graduated College...and I Don't Have a Job Yet!

After graduating college my biggest fear came true, I didn’t have my dream job with a six-figure salary lined up, and even worse, I didn’t even have a job. ...more