5 Regrets of a College Graduate

Nathalie Y Grogan ...more

Top 10 Bible Verses for Graduation

Graduation is a great milestone in life. Listed below are Bible verses,God's Holy truth, to encourage and guide graduates. Share God's wisdomwith those you love as they embark on their new journey in life.Share them on Facebook and Twitter, send them in texts, include them in cards, engrave them on gifts or send out the link to this post but don't failto impart God's truth from the Bible....more

Here we go again

I'm in the middle of Graduation Week for #2. Many of you have asked how she’s doing; while I appreciate your love and care for her, that is completely the wrong question. She’s fine. She’s young. She’s resilient. The better question is how is the mom holding up? And the answer is: it depends.Like, when I’m sleeping, I’m good. No worries. Yay for six hours of dry eyes!...more

Music Monday! My Little Buttercup

What a whirlwind of a weekend we had.It was the weekend of my daughters graduation, in this post she will be known as Little Buttercup, as that a pet name her daddy used since she was born. Let me tell you, she busted a$$ and graduated.  She finished a semester early, with High Honors to boot, and a designated NC Scholar! (meaning she achieved excellent grades in several honors and AP classes)...more

Life After Graduation

In high school, I remember counting down the days and the years along with my classmates until we graduated. We were only kids, waiting for a bit of freedom after graduation. After high school, I continually thought of graduation from university. I felt like there was this constant rush to graduate, to get that Bachelor’s degree and get a job....more

Why So Excited?

I graduate May 8th!!!!!!!!!!!Why so excited?  I am 51 (well, I'll be 52 then) years old and this will be my first (and probably my last) graduation ceremony.   Yes, I'm excited!!...more
Yay! That's fabulous news! Congratulations. :)more

Newsflash - Batman is graduating

Wasn't it just yesterday that he was three-years-old, donning a costume and zipping around our house as the cutest caped-crusader ever?...more

To my son on his high school graduation

Dear Son,You are much too grown up for your own age.Here I am at fifty-two, seeking ways to make my work the same as play and to make every day a holiday. My knees hurt, my baby fat simply won’t budge no matter how many laps I swim, and all the peroxide in the county won’t cover the silver at my temples. I blame it on my genes.I suspect you will too, sometime in the next forty years.   ...more

The Great Red Pen Debacle of 2013

Bellonheels.com   Well I survived, but just barely. My third child had his preschool graduation last night. Yes, in case you are unaware, that is a thing now. Just another thing they do to try and torture us. I am convinced that teachers get together and brainstorm ways to make us moms cry. What is wrong with you people? Using your powers in such ways? My little one was so excited and he was the first of mine who actually wanted to dress up for his big event. His request for a three piece suit was denied but I definitely see one in his future....more
LOL! NEVER leave home WITHOUT extra clothes for EVERYONE!!!!!more