Deliciously Organic, Carrie Vitt's new book

I was selected as a Book Ambassador to review and post on my blog  Cookingwithkary. Sooo excited, please stop by my blog and read about this inspiring new cookbook!...more

The Grain-Free Family Table, Carrie Vitt of Deliciously Organic ~ Kary's Review

I have not posted in a long time, mostly because I was on the road 4 days a week for my last job, ok not a great excuse however now I have a really good reason to post, supporting a fellow blogger. ...more

"Saltine" Crackers (Grain Free)

As promised, here you will find buttery and crispy "Saltine" cracker…grain free!  They are a perfect addition to any soup!The crackers are very easy to prepare, and will be finished in less than 15 minutes....more

Grain Free Pumpkin Pie

Image Creator: Brandy Oswald, A Mindful Mantra...more

Better-for-You Chocolate Chewy Candy Bars

When I was pregnant with Little Chef (who is now not so little, but still just as “cheffy” as ever), Dreamy and I had a roll of film in need of developing. Yes, a roll of film. Such a foreign concept these days, no?...more
Sounds like a good decadent after school snack!  I can't wait to make it for my kids!  :) Sarahmore

Raw Carrot Cake “Cheese”cake

Warning: this is more like a meal than a dessert. Marco and I were able to polish off our cups, after about an hour of nursing them. You just can't stop eating it once you start....more
I'm so making these!more


This time of year marks the WEEK OF JESS in our house. My husband and I have our wedding anniversary, Mothers Day and then my birthday.  A week of celebrations use to mean a week of treats; it would start with German Chocolate Cake, followed by cookies and ended with a Black Forest Cake.  Now it's  low sugar muffins for breakfast OR cookies and a single slice of cake, I'm slowly growing up. ...more

Healthy, Wholesome Blueberry Lemon Muffins (and delicious too!)

 I am so excited to be sharing another healthy, wholesome recipe with you today....more

Organic Cinnamon & Honey Nut Crunch Cereal


Grain Free, Gluten Free Banana Breakfast Muffins

Because I didn't really do anything earth-shattering in the exercise category  today, I wanted to try to whip up something healthy. I try to steer clear of grains as much as possible and wanted to create something that would be a good go-to for breakfast. It's not uncommon for people to default to refined carbs like toast, bagels, or sugary cereals for their morning meal. These muffins might be a good alternative for people who are looking for a higher protein or gluten free breakfast. Check out the recipe below....more