The Basics of Writing & Editing...

Okay, I’m leaning toward an apologetic plea for forgiveness from all of my readers. You see, I’ve sent out stuff that obviously needed re- editing and I tend to do this often. So, for those readers who still follow me after such grammatical screw ups? I’m sorry you have to suffer through that, truly I am. Recently, I submitted a piece, great piece… might I add, on the how tos of living and learning from life experiences....more

Prepping for BlogHer ’12 (I’m speaking!): What are your most burning grammar questions?

So, I found out last week that I am going to be speaking at BlogHer ’12! I am so excited....more
I am looking forward to this session. I suck at grammar. I did catch your errors above, so I ...more

Rant: Travelsphere, Knock It Off, Already!

I'm editorially cranky. This doesn't mean that I have perfect grammar or I never make a typo, but I am hugely impatient with a handful of ubiquitous travel publishing sins, made up words, fake philosophical arguments, and marketing ploys. More and more, I feel myself reaching for a virtual red pen to mark up the travelsphere (see, that's a fake word right there, I get the irony) in order to correct some of these travesties. Below, seven things that Drive Me Crazy when it comes to travel on the web. ...more

Back in my hoity toity travel snob "real" backpacker days, I shunned the term *tourist*. I was a ...more