Grammys 2016 Best & Worst Dressed

I was SO PUMPED to watch the Grammys this year.  I was so excited to see who would win and what the performances would be like (my girl T-Swift absolutely KILLED it with that opening performance!).  But most of all I was excited for…..the. fashion.  There were SO MANY great looks this year, and some….not so great.  Without further ado, here are my picks from this year’s Grammys!...more

(Updated With Photos) Elisa, Erin, and I Went to the GRAMMYs. Here's What It Was Like.

"It's the day of the show, ya'll!" -- Waiting for Guffman It's the day of the GRAMMYs. It's the day of the GRAMMYs! Primping has commenced, a dress has been selected and will be slithered into, and it's time to get started with the onslaught of music royalty! I'm here with Elisa Camahort Page and Erin Groh of BlogHer -- back in Los Angeles just a week after I left "for good."...more
You ladies all look so fabulous! Fun to live vicariously through you ;)more

I Just Said Good-Bye to LA. But Now I'm Back ... for the Grammys!

Today I am full of questions I never thought I'd ask myself: What will life be like now that I've left Los Angeles? Will I be able to really let the hope of returning to my acting career go? How do I process being back in the City of Angels... the city I left just seven days ago... and what the hell am I going to wear to the freaking GRAMMYs? Yes, you read correctly: G-R-A-M-M-Y-S. ...more

Create Janelle Monae’s Sultry Grammys Makeup Look

At Sunday’s Grammy awards, Janelle Monae hit the red carpet with a matte face, bold red lips, and luscious lashes. Although her signature color palette is black and white, her makeup always seems to tie in with her classic ensembles. Her face is always nothing short of flawless, with bold pops of color. ...more

Kaliwood Fashion Awards: 2013 Grammys - Men's Edition

So we are doing this little twist on the Kaliwood Awards today because, honestly, I was a little underwhelmed  with the female attire choices at the Grammys this year. All of the ones I loved were models, or girlfriends of artists, and they don't count on this night! I'm not big on the typical eccentric Grammy fashion statements, so this year, we are judging awarding the men of the night! Here you go... ...more

2013 Grammys Fashion Recap: Never Mind the Dress Code, Look at All That Skin!

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards came with some much-mocked dress code restrictions -- "no side boob" or "butt crack" was to show on this year's red carpet. Nevertheless, celebrities came dressed to impress. In fact, I think there was a bit of a rebellion going on, considering all the skin that was showing, especially The Leg Out trend. ...more
Lots of stunning looks this year.  There were several dresses that made me say, "What was she ...more

Grammy Highlights: Alicia Keyes and Adam Levine Burn Up Stage and More! [VIDEO]

My favorite part of the Grammys (aside from seeing Chris Brown lose to Frank Ocean because...*sigh*) are always the incredible musical matchups. Last night was no exception. Below, a few of my favorite Grammy moments, just waiting to be relived over a cup of coffee. ...more

How To Stay Red Carpet-Ready Like Beyonce at the Grammys

It was Grammy Awards night, and what that means in 2013 is another night on the red carpet for Beyonce, fresh off of her Super Bowl half-time appearance last week. All entertainment eyes seem to be on Bey all of the time, but this season, and on Grammy night? They're magnified. ...more

(VIDEO) Serene Branson at the Grammys: A Stroke Survivor's Opinion

The unexplained confusion. The garbled words that came out to her obvious frustration. Stroke. The word swirled around in the media circus that followed her. She wasn't allowed to have her physical breakdown in private. She had it on TV, then it was on YouTube. ...more

She was having a migraine aura, not a stroke or TIA. This was determined after extensive ...more