Catherine and me

Me with Catherine Catherine Dennis is nine years old and despite her small stature, she talks big like an adult....more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Awaiting Grandmotherhood

My first grandchild is due March 15th. Ever since my son gave me the news, I've been calling my grandbaby "Ziggy." I didn't want to use "it" when I talked about the newest member of the family and since the sex of the baby wasn't known at the time, I took 'zygote' and turned it into 'Ziggy.' Used it ever since. We know now 'Ziggy' is a girl. I just wish she'd hurry up and officially arrive and make me a real grandma! But right now it's tick...tock...tick....tock....more
Dyane357 Heh. I'm sure she will say it with pride, too!more

The village.

Christmas was Mom’s absolute favourite.Mom’s Christmas Village was the envy and awe of all. It was her pride and joy.   There were big houses all lit up.There were little houses all lit up.There were town folks amongst the village.  ...more