A Fun Saturday care of Pinterest

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Grandmas who care for grandkids one day each week stay sharp

If you watch your grandkids one day a week, there's good news. If you watch them five days a week, the news is not so good.New research from the Women's Healthy Aging Project study found that women who spent one day a week caring for their grandchildren performed the best on 2 of 3 tests of mental sharpness (ie. working memory and  processing speed). Those who took care of their grandkids for 5 or more days in a week did "significantly worse" on the tests....more

MeeMaw And PopPop's Great Adventure

Now we are down to one more sleep before we pass the babysitting baton over to Oma Debi.  I wrote this last Wednesday, before the kids came to stay for 9 days.   ...more
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The Weekend in Review

Friday Highlights:1. Babysat from 8 am till 22. Hung out with daughter all afternoon and early evening3. Went to Fork in the Road for dinnerSaturday Stuff:...more
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My Ever Evolving Photography

NaBloPoMo Day 21 Since I started photography seriously I’ve been shooting mainly macro flowers. You could say that is my favorite thing to shoot, but lately you would have to go back quite a few pages to find my flowers on Flickr!  Good thing most of them are in sets!   ...more
@victorias_view yesterday's blog post has a flower, just for you :)more

Overcoming Obstacles

The Alien-Infested GrillIn order to keep the PG rating for my blog, the alien was removed prior to publication ...more

The Alien Grill better go back to space! I don't want to see it landing in my backyard ...more

Black Lungs

I’m dying.  The doctor said it, standing there in the hall with my x-ray films, so it must be true.  Now the kids crouch beside me and talk loud, as if I’m deaf.  Coddle me.  Bring me cases of Ensure.  Their whispers are like buzzing flies when they think I’m asleep. The grandkids beg me to give up cigarettes.  “So you’ll live longer, Gramps,” they say.  “We want you with us forever.” They don’t know what it’s like to only have one comfort left in the world.  Well, maybe two.  My easy chair in front of the big screen tv conso...more

Campers and Lightening

Have you ever been in a metal box with three small children during a thunder storm? ...more