The Wonder

There’s something so moving about the absolute confidence young children have in our judgment.They trust us.They believe to their core that we wish them well.Over the past several days, I got to know my granddaughter, and I lived these truths. Amelie lives on the opposite coast so I haven’t seen her as much as I have my other grandkids who live nearer. In fact, it’s safe to say she didn’t know me at all.But, we got on like a house afire.Without a thought, she’d hold my hand. Sit on my lap. Get in my car.  ...more

The High Cost of Living

 We bought our granddaughter, Adelia, a new bicycle for her birthday today.I'd guess no one gasped after reading that sentence - hardly earth shattering news. Grandparents buy their grandkids stuff all the time. But, this bicycle came at what feels like an intolerable price, in a way that has nothing to do with money....more

A Dog's Life

When you take your grandkids out to eat

Last Saturday I took two of my grandkids out to eat at a buffet style restaurant.My grandson had been gone for a while picking out what he wanted to eat while my granddaughter and I were sitting at our table with our food.Finally he came and sat down. We noticed that his plate had nothing on it so his sister said,"You realize you don't have any food on your plate ,don't you?" He  looked down at his plate with disbelief and said," I watied in line for all that time and my cookie must have fell off my plate." All three of us had a good chuckle over it....more

Easter Sunday at the Polaris

Every year on Easter, we go out as a family for brunch.  We try to pick a different place each year, but the buffets are usually similar no matter where we go.  However, the views are not always this amazing!  ...more
No wonder you are 'photoblogger!' Awesome pictures. They are so clear. I love sitting on top of ...more

Final part to mom and Bella

…Mom’s wake was on my daughter’s first birthday, I was so sad because I just lost my mom. Yet I also felt so guilty for not being able to celebrate my daughters first birthday.  My mom’s funeral service was beautiful, my sister organized it all, and she did however come to us for approval on things. Yes being the typical Mexican family we did have a mariachi band playing. All songs were of losing a lost one, but my mom loved music and it was one of her wishes. We also set 7 doves free, six to represent each of her children and one representing her....more

evil grammy wins

Today was the typical day with the grandkids. Well, almost typical. Except for a couple of things. The kids were crankier than usual. And so was I. It was a foregone conclusion something would happen. The kids wouldn't go out. It was pretty outside but they wanted to stay in and fuss. The only game they wanted to play was "hit the enemy" using light sabers, which meant someone was going to get hurt. Even though they had their 4 wheeler helmets on to prevent head injuries. (Their idea.) ...more