Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign: Interview Gram

Yesterday, I came across Britt Bravo's terrific post, Celebrating Grandmother Power: Interview with my Gram, her offering for the The Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign, a collaborative blogging effort (May 7-14) about how grandmothers are changing the world....more

Grandparent Boundaries: Where to Draw the Line

What would you do if your mother gave your child pain medicine without your permission?This happened to me the other day, and I am still in shock.My daughter had gotten her braces tightened, so her teeth were a bit sore. I usually give her a dose of Children's Adviland she's fine, but I didn't have a chance to give it to her before she left for school in the morning....more

Remembering Grace

Who knows when and where Gracie went to the bathroom? Not me. She never once held up her finger and said, “Excuse me while I use the little girls’ room.” I was afraid to ask if she and Mac even had one so whenever I had to go, I’d say, “I think I hear Mom calling. I better see what she wants. Be right back.”...more

Like An Arancino

When I think of my grandmother, I think of arancini. It is an odd association, since she never once stuffed and fried a ball of leftover risotto. It hardly matters, since I don't think about her making them. Instead, I think about her being one of them....more
 @Genie Gratto I've seen them done a couple of times on the Food Network channel, and have ...more

Little Old Ladies

Little Old Ladies.Who used to meet their friends for coffee at Woolworth's.Who would wrap their restaurant leftovers in napkins and put them in their purse.Who used their caring insightfulness to help guide us through our troubles.Who we named our babies after.Remember them? I do....more
Beautifully written and tugs on the heart strings.  Thank you.more



OMG! I'm A Grandmother!

Johnny Mac Pippin, aka Aiden Samuel, was born at Tripler Army Medical Center on May 15, 2012 at 12:36pm. He weighed a whopping 8lbs and was 21" long. His mother had no drugs and the only assistance was breaking the water 90 minutes before he made his way into the world. Yep. My beautiful, tiny baby birthed a good size baby of her own -- and she did it fabulously. I was in awe of her strength and her determination. Two days later and I'm still in awe. Rockstar. Super Hero. Birthing Goddess. That's my girl!...more
How gorgeous!!! He is a blessed child to be so loved.more

Celebrating A Grandma (But Not Mine?)

Last night, my husband lost his maternal grandmother Viola Dopps. Her death was expected; although came too soon. Once it was revealed to her last week that cancer was taking her life, she made the decision to let go and let God. As we get ready to celebrate her life, I couldn't help but stand back and be a witness to her accomplishments. I've only known Vi for 9 years, but have grown to admire her greatly. ...more
Grandma Vi looks like she was the true heart to the family. I am very sorry for your loss and ...more

OMG! I'm Going to Be a Grandmother! Wait. What Does a Grandmother DO?

My son-in-law was released from the boat and came home to put the crib and dresser changing table combo thingy together. There's been a virtual baby shower and an in-real-life baby shower. Jenn is starting to complain a little bit because 36 weeks feels a whole lot more pregnant than 35 weeks. I'll be in Hawaii in a few weeks and Johnny Mac Pippin will be here soon and I'm back to saying, "OMG I'm Going to Be a Grandmother!" again. It's also started to hit me that I don't exactly know what that means....more
 @Denise Are you kidding me? Who do I call when I need advice? YOU!more

I have a Dream... A Dream about the Grandmothers...

I have a Dream. I have a Dream that a council of Grandmothers similar to the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers walks into the US Congress building and takes it over. But these are not only indigenous Grandmothers. These are the Grandmothers of the men and women whom are currently holding office there, as elected officials. ...more