My in-laws are wonderful people. I'm very lucky to have such a great extended family.  Full of heart and personality. ...more

My Last Meal

I LOVE TODAY'S PROMPT!!! We actually have this conversation a lot around my house. I would have: ...more

P.S....Please DON'T Forget The "Lovey"!

Three of my 4 children took pacifiers; one did not.  Ryan was child number 3 and all he wanted was his "Blankie".  At first I did not realize how important his "Blankie" was to him, but I soon found out.  And THAT is exactly why I could NOT believe what happened when I baby-sat Parker Ann today. ...more

How to Make Green Chili Stew, and a Lesson in Life

How to Make Green Chili Stew...more

And that's that!

Sadly, where I live, there is a vey large feral cat population. Fotunately, the TNR program is very well supported in my town. However, despite their efforts, many of cats still have not been neutered, so they continue to reproduce.     Last summer, as my friend's daughters were pleading for a cat, one of these pregnant felines found her way to their house. As my friend toyed with the idea of getting a pet, her mother and her daughters made sure to kept the mom-to-be well fed....more

When Grammie is in Charge

My son and daughter-in-law went on a getaway to a wedding across the country. Since I live on their same block they asked if I could stay with my three adorable grandchildren, twin boys 5 1/2 and a three year old girl. Sure I said. It is a no rules 4 day extravaganza here in their home. There are only grammie rules-extra treats, staying up as late as they can (which is not past around 9pm) and staying in our jammies and watching TV and Video or just playing Wii. ...more

Children 2010

I got married at 19. My Mom said all I wanted was to get married and have kids but after years of therapy I think I just wanted to be a grownup and leave home but was too scared without the sanction of marriage. My parents had always said no man will buy a cow if milk is so cheap. I married so I could fuck. Yikes was I young and inexperienced. I had my two sons at age 22 and 24. My pregnancies were my happiest times and I couldn't wait to have two boys-no girls for me. Why would I expect to be a good mom to girls when my Mom and I were not a good team....more

Watch It Wiggle...See It Jiggle

How many times in your life have you eaten jell-o?  How many times have you fed it to your kids?  I had it a lot when I was growing up.  Every Thanksgiving, my mom would grind up cranberries and oranges, crush walnuts and add a bunch of sugar, then mix it all up with red jell-o.  It didn’t matter what flavor it was as long as it was red....more