When Grandparents Spoil Their Grandchildren

Everyone knows the job of grandparents is to spoil their grandchildren.  "Spoil-'em-and-send-'em-home" is often the attitude that young parents feel  about their once strict parents who have become grandparents.  But for the sanity of all involved, there has to be some sense of balance between the generations. ...more

Women Against Palin ~ Register to Vote

    While working at home today, I either got an e-mail or came across a Tweet that just astounded me. It just blew my mind that there are SO many women out there across the USA who share views similar to mine. ...more

Be A Teacher

My grandmother, known as Mother, was a powerful woman who pushed the idea of becoming a teacher so forcefully as a goal for her children and grandchildren, that a lot of people in my family did become educators.  My mother, my three aunts, my uncle Floyd, my sister, Nina, my brother, my sister’s best friend/”play” sister, one of my cousins, and her sister (eventually whenever she finishes that degree) are all teachers. (My sister and I even married teachers.) ...more

Fax me a bagel please!

Where in the world is Spokane, WA.? You would think I live in a forgiegn country. I am a girl from NYC. Life went from humans to wildlife. Did you know that cougars can climb trees? And have you ever seen a mule deer? I gave up my colorful friends in NY for a new breed. All I can say is..... fax me a bagel please! ...more