Grandmas who care for grandkids one day each week stay sharp

If you watch your grandkids one day a week, there's good news. If you watch them five days a week, the news is not so good.New research from the Women's Healthy Aging Project study found that women who spent one day a week caring for their grandchildren performed the best on 2 of 3 tests of mental sharpness (ie. working memory and  processing speed). Those who took care of their grandkids for 5 or more days in a week did "significantly worse" on the tests....more

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Grandmother Meet Nikki. Nikki Meet Grandmother.

It is winter and normally I'm all "Blah, winter", but I've come to realize that winter is the only time I have any luck at doing one of my favorite activities: visiting my ninety-seven year old Grandmother....more

Stuck Anything Up Your Nose Lately?

Teresa Bell Kindred www.thenanablogs.comFor 3 years 6 year old Issac Lasson has suffered with sinus problems. Recently a doctor discovered why. He had a Lego stuck up his nose. That's right, a Lego up his nose....more

Children's Book on Death

Please check out Gayle Fuhr's children's book called Grandma Ruby and Me. It tells the story of Taylor, age 7, who loses her grandma. Beautiful illustrations and a lovely story which opens up death to children. Even though it is written and illustrated with an African American family it is great for all ehtnicities as death knows no color. You can order from the author directly or her publisher or Amazon. Gayle Fuhr on facebook. Message her....more

The Rights of a Grandparent

As grandparents what is our role when our children are living in conditions that are not healthy for them?  Do we really have all the information correct?  After all they are only children seeing their situations through their own needs and comforts and not what may be in their best interest.  And what happens when their parents divorce and their father is your son and they live with their mother?  ...more


When I was 19 my Poppy died.  Poppy is what our family called my Dad’s Dad.  He was not the first person I had lost to death, or even the first loss I had experienced in general, for loss comes to us all in different shapes and sizes, faces, choices and actions.  A best friend moves away, parents get divorced, romantic relationships end, a patriarch dies.  Poppy was the quiet yet profound patriarch of my life.My Poppy was not the first person I had lost, but he was the hardest....more

Mamaw's Christmas Shopping List, Unplugged

I am the grandma (aka “Mamaw”) of 5 grandchildren.  Of course, they are the most brilliant, talented, and good-looking children on the planet.  5 boys – ages 9 months to 6 years. ...more
Nanny of 7 agrees !more

Never forgetting.........

I lost my grandfather from Parkinson’s, what a horrific disease. It’s been over a month now and still so surreal, an extremely appalling dream that I cannot wake from.  My grandmother is left on this world to pick up the pieces and move-on from a 56-year marriage. I cannot fathom the idea of coping, cannot wrap my head around the emotions she encountering. Her entire life revolved around him; doctor’s appointments, feedings, medications, and grooming....more