From a Church Pew

There's a reason I don't normally sit on the back row at church.  Unlike the popular expression, I'm more of a front-to-middle row Baptist. I'm too distracted from the back.  There's so much activity in a church service - and not just from the pulpit!  Being a people watcher by nature, this does not help me pay attention to the message. Sunday, I was saved by the fact that I attended both worship services.  We left for Sunday school but after about two minutes I could tell from my husband's face he would not survive four hours.  He's such a trooper a...more

Milk Memories

The other morning, as I was dropping my son off at school, the roar of a truck behind me caused me to check my mirrors. Pulling alongside us was a Prairie Farms milk truck. Instantly, a big smile came on my face, followed by a big, "Awwwww." Noah is looking at me by this point like I'm crazy, wondering why in the world I would have a reaction like that to a milk truck....more

Mr. Can Man

  Have you ever smiled at a stranger and wondered what impact it might have?  Waved at someone you didn't know, just because, or hoping to brighten their day?  Myself I'm more of a smiler than a waver, unless it is in response.  I'll wave back but I don't know that I've ever waved first to a stranger.  And then, maybe I have but never thought much about it.I shared a brief encounter with a sweet elderly man today on my drive for work.  It was such a chance m...more

Grandma's Couch

Last summer I wrote about my Grandma's couch and shared memories of it growing up.  As I mentioned in that post, she's had this couch for at least 30 years.  Though it has worn a little, to me it looks the same.  In my mind, not much at all has changed about that house since my childhood.  I learned today though big changes are a coming.  (You may want to sit for this next sentence)......more