Let me introduce you to today's Grand Ideas' feature. She is the loving grandmother of 4 precious grandchildren who affectionately call her DeeDee and granddad is called Poppie. Her daughter, Staci, is the mom of the oldest "baby angels" who are Ethan - 12 and Sierra - 10. Corey, her son, is dad to Alexi who is 8 and the youngest is Mallori who is 4 years old. ...more

Somebody to hold her hand

Her 5th deviled egg...more

The Ferris Wheel of Life

I recently lost a bet.  I don’t usually make bets, but this time I KNEW I was right.  Nope.  Wrong!  The result was that I owed my friends a dinner, so I don’t really think I lost too much.  We had a great time.We picked up the other couple from the ferry terminal when they came across from Winslow.  Then headed to Seattle’s new Ferris wheel, called The Great Wheel, like London’s Eye. ...more
I bet the views are spectacular!more

There has to be a better use for my boobs.

Coraline is spending the night tonight, so this will be a quick one. And I'm not writing about vaginas, because although the first time I saw Coraline she had just passed through a vagina, they aren't really a topic I think much about when she's sleeping near me. ...more

How to Grandparent?

I didn't have much in the way of grandparents in my life to demonstrate how to grandparent.  Two of my grandparents died before I was born, one grandfather, who I struggle to remember, died when I was four, and one grandmother, who I fiercely loved, lived until I was thirteen, but we only saw her rarely.  When I was growing up it seemed the thing grandparents did best was pop off.My husband didn't know any of his grandparents, and I'd be surprised if he even knew their names....more

Seriously Good Excuses for a Lame Day 5 NaBloPoMo post

Sunday, November 6, 2011Excuse #1 ...more
@victorias_view it was really crazy and i was still baby sitting at 11ish when i realized i had ...more

I haven't found it yet!

 November 2, 2011 (time for Karen that is)Day 2 of NaBloPoMo.  1406 people registered for NaBloPoMo so far, holy cow!  I hope I can compete.  Nah, I just hope I can learn to write more fluidly and get inspired by my friends. ...more
@KarenLynnn You are very wonderful Grandma! Your daughter must be happy to have someone like you ...more

Quinn, through Grandma's eyes

All of a sudden he's talking, seriously learning so quickly I just can't believe it.  When I get to Nikki's, I usually am greeted by her dogs Jessie and Sammy and Robert the cat.  They are ostracized for now because Quinn just doesn't understand that he can't grab tails and pull.  Hopefully, Mr. Q will grow out of this phase long before Gavin grows into it!...more
And there is always so much to see, and so much to laugh at too! @KarenLynnnmore

October is my favorite month of the year

 Yeah, it's my favorite month.  My birthday falls at the end of the month so it shouldn't be.  But it is, because it is beautiful outside.  I've been busy helping my sweet daughter during the last few weeks, she is at the end of her pregnancy and just in need of momma's help.  (Thank goodness, I love to help her)...more
Happy Birthday Elaine!! A very Feliz Cumpleanos!!! @elaineR.N.more

Mr. Quinn

 it was a good day for grandma and quinn.  ...more