babysitting duty...

With Daddy Day Care officially over (Husband started a new project on 2/15), and Nanny A beginning on March 1st, we decided to call in the reinforcements for a little something I'm calling Grand Camp 2010. For the less cheesy-minded, that would be... a visit from the grandparents.That's right... Two weeks of back to back parents!...more

Homage to Grandma

Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my grandmother's passing, my dad's mom. I had forgotten all about it, even after posting to another person's blog about her own grandma. Here is her story:...more

Grandparents and Their Truckloads of Gifts

Ah, the holidays. They've arrived, and along with them come all the grandparents with large plastic toys and gadgets and clothes and more toys and where the heck are you going to put all that STUFF?Not to mention -- are your kids getting a wee bit spoiled?...more

I really try hard to abide by my daughter and son-in-laws wishes when it comes to gift ...more

the life of a fisherman's son. 1928-2009.

I consider myself to be a pretty thankful person. I try to mentally list all the haves in my life before I go to bed at night. It’s my own kind of prayer. My family is always right there at the top of the list, and I never forget to mention my grandparents. This was my first Thanksgiving away from home. Since I just moved to Atlanta, I made the choice to stay in the area for Thanksgiving and go to Virginia for Christmas. Until this year, I’d spent every Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s house in Virginia Beach....more

My grandfather was the son of a fisherman, a fisherman and the father of fishermen (and ...more

Thanksgiving: Sometimes It Just Brings Out The Worst in Us

Let’s face it, holidays just bring out the worst in some of us. Instead of being grateful we have a job, food on the table, our health, children that might actually graduate from high school (maybe even college if we keep our fingers crossed), a partner that doesn’t beat us and isn’t in jail, we still find a way to ruin a perfectly good Thanksgiving. Take this family for example... ...more

Great post!  Our kids don't know how lucky they are to be poor!  They have all the ...more

Surviving Holidays with the In-Laws through Camp

My partner has never spent a single Christmas away from her mother.  In the contest between making my eighty-something-year old mother-in-law hate me and doing Christmas in my own preferred, low-key way...well, it was no contest....more

This is really great.  My family has a combination between the two and I need to ...more

Food and Family: What They Made for You - Making It Your Own

 My grandfather made the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. I am a cookie freak in a family of cookie freaks and they are my seminal cookie, the cookie to dominate all other undeserving cookies in the world. I can still see them stacked in careful waxed paper layers in the tins, perfect chip-to-dough ratio, just a bit harder than your average chocolate chip cookie, lovely and bumpy and exactly perfect mix of sugar and salt....more

This is just lovely.



Giving up hate and living life

Forgive or not to forgive.. ...more

NOT for Sale

When I was 4 years old (this would be 1945), my mom had been divorced from my father for about 3 years and we lived with my maternal grandparents in their row house in Savannah, Georgia. As you know, row houses are all connected at the sides and most have separate apartments upstairs and downstairs. My grandparents owned a downstairs apartment that opened onto Harmon Street, which was a good middleclass neighborhood in those days. We shared a huge backyard with our upstairs neighbors, who accessed it from a set of wooden stairs that led to their little balcony and back door. ...more

I Heart Dads...

A few months ago, my Dad had a heart attack... it was described as a very mild heart attack, and he ended up with no damage to his heart... of course, while he was in there for that, they found a tumor on his kidney. He then had surgery to remove the tumor (which the doctors said was almost surely cancerous). The surgery went well and, after testing the tumor, it actually turned out to be non-cancerous, anyway! He was very scared when he went into this surgery that he wasn't going to make it through, but he has since made a full recovery! ...more